The Ultimate Webinar Marketing Playbook: Organizing Webinars in the New Normal

Illustrator: Jana Pérez
webinar marketing playbook

With the whole world at home, webinars have taken the lead in digital marketing. However, most webinar marketing efforts fall short, unable to stand their ground in a suddenly crowded webinar space. Landbot’s CEO Jiaqi Pan teaches a strategy that boosts your webinar marketing performance before and long after your live stream is over.

Webinars and other types of interactive educational content have always been important to brands and businesses operating online. With the world on lockdown, in the past weeks, webinars have seen a significant spike in popularity across all sectors. Both businesses and their prospects/customers are interested in interacting in ways closest to the “real thing”.

If you are here, you too are considering going down and that road… And you should! Studies have repeatedly shown that webinars are incredibly powerful when it comes to earning customer trust and humanizing your brand!

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However, with every business and brand rolling out webinars as if there was no tomorrow, many great webinars and live events with industry experts get lost in the noise.

The Webinar on Webinars

Our CEO created the ultimate webinar marketing framework from lead generation to capitalize on the value in content marketing, email marketing, and social media. In his webinar on webinars, he shows how to easily (and quickly) build and leverage chatbots in:

  • Promoting the webinar
  • Acquiring attendees & enabling 1-click registration
  • Engaging the webinar attendees before and during the webinar
  • Gain referrals
  • Share content post-webinar
  • Convert leads

If you haven’t seen the webinar yet, now is time to check it out:

Though the webinar is just the first course of Landbot’s webinar marketing menu!

Landbot team put together the Ultimate B2B Marketing Playbook for webinars to arm you with knowledge and strategy and published webinar acquisition, engagement, conversion, and referral templates to equip you with tools that put that knowledge to action…

Check it out for yourself!

The Ultimate Webinar Marketing Playbook

While the webinar itself shows you how to build acquisition, engagement, and conversion bots, the playbook focuses on building and implementing the overall webinar strategy, content, and tracking system from scratch. So, if you are eager to become a thought leader in your field but unsure what type of webinar to prepare or how to get the right kind of people to register for your webinar… you have come to the right place! The Ultimate Webinar Marketing Playbook is not just about hosting a webinar but about all that should come before and after to ensure maximum conversion and quality CX!

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Table of Contents

1. Webinar Marketing in 2020

2. Why Webinars Are The Best Channel To Drive Sales

3. The Ideal Webinar Experience: Why Some Webinars Fail?

3.1 Real-time, Asynchronous Interactions
3.2 Personalized Approach
3.3 Ongoing Value

4. Landbot’s Webinar Marketing Framework

4.1 Stage One: Pre-Webinar
4.1.1 Develop Marketing Angle
4.1.2 Define Webinar Structure
4.1.3 Develop Conversational Marketing Strategy

4.2 Stage Two: Ongoing-Webinar
4.2.1 Webinar Presentation
4.2.2 Audience Engagement
4.2.3 Expand Your Reach

4.3 Stage Three: Post-Webinar
4.3.1 Answer Questions made During the Webinar
4.3.2 Define the Flow of your Webinar Conversion Bot
4.3.3 Launch Post-Webinar Campaign
4.3.4 Amplify Audience Reach

5. How to Measure the Impact of Your Webinar Marketing Strategy

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Webinar Chatbot Templates by Landbot

Jiaqi’s webinar and playbook introduce you to four types of bots you can leverage during the course of your webinar marketing strategy.

To enable you to organize and deploy your webinar strategy more swiftly and efficiently than ever before, the Landbot team predesigned a template for each of them… Here is a little summary, but you can always sign up for free to check them out!

Acquisition Bot Template

Customize the template to create a 1-click webinar registration bot for your existing and new leads. Thanks to integrations with Zoom, Airtable. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, the webinar registration bot help you build frictionless experiences boosting your acquisition rate.

Engagement Bot Template

A bot that can be deployed prior to the webinar and stay active throughout to allow participants to submit questions or vote for already submitted questions to be answered during Q&A. It’s great for helping you get a feel of what the participants expect and need as well as see which questions are the most “popular”.

Conversion Bot Template

This temple is designed to engage your leads post-webinar, collect feedback, ask qualification questions and, based on that, send your lead down the conversion or the nurturing path.