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Since chatbot adoption doesn’t show any signs of slowing down more and more businesses become intrigued by this rising CX unicorn. To satisfy that curiosity, we compiled a list of some of the best website chatbot examples that pretty much nailed it.The list features websites with bots that either created a great bot personality, designed engaging conversation, stand out for excellent design, and so forth:

  1. Voltage: Welcome & Agency Introduction
  2. Cubert: Real-Time Quotes for Electronics
  3. Buddy Nutrition: Product Personalization
  4. Home Genius: Estimate Booking
  5. Milo: Personal Assistant
  6. Make Heat Simple: Lead Gen & Customer Support
  7. Altbot: Energy Spending Quotes
  8. Yurbi: Website Assistant
  9. AdmitHub: Sales Assistant

Let’s take a look!

1. Voltage: The Golden Unicorn

Voltage is a creative marketing agency in the business of creating websites, digital platforms, marketing campaigns, and content. They created a simple yet attention-catching chatbot for their website to welcome visitors.

People can decide to chat or find out more through good old browsing. However, most visitors can’t resist chatting up the golden unicorn!

2. Cubert: Chat & Sell Used Electronics

Cubert is a simple and elegant solution to get a usually tedious and lengthy process of obtaining a quote & selling your old tech. You answer a series of questions, neither of which requires actual typing.

In a matter of a minute or two you can assess the value of your phone and, if you feel up for it, complete the sale there and then. It’s straightforward, smooth and, most importantly, it works!

3. Buddy Nutrition: Personalize Your Product

We already talked about Buddy Nutrition’s product personalization bot in our “Top Conversational Landing Pages” article. Though it does deserve another mention. Plus, this bot works as both, stand-alone landing page and website chatbot.

Buddy Nutrition sells highly personalized vitamin “shots” that take into account age, weight, level of activity, the goal you want to achieve as well as what flavors you like. In the past, this would require a lengthy online form or support from sales or customer service agent. Turning the long series of questions into a conversation provides real-time service 24 hours a day without making it a CX drag.It's conversational marketing at its best!

4. Home Genius: Book an Estimate without Hassle

One of our next website chatbot examples represents a great way of showing how bots can be useful in pretty much in any industry. Home Genius uses a simple virtual assistant that helps people to find contractors and book estimates be it for roofing, windows, solar or siding.

The bot enables Home Genius to identify which clients are ready to meet an estimator, and which are just looking around sizing their options. Answering questions as part of a chat with most of the answers not even requiring typing improves the customer experience.

Plus, the company is able to streamline their lead generation and focus on clients that are ready to book an estimate.

5. Milo: Funky Web Designer’s Assistant

Chatbot that goes by the name Milo is also not entirely new to our “best of” listings. He is just too damn charming to be left out.

Milo is an opinionated virtual assistant who “works for” web designer and marketer Stephen.

He is the living chatting proof you don’t need artificial intelligence to create an incredibly compelling and lovable character.

Though the design of the bot and its integration into the site is excellent, the main pluses of An Artful Science’s website chatbot include its personality and conversation design.

6. Make Heat Simple: Stylish Customer Support & Lead Gen in One

The next of website chatbot examples is a clever bot embed on Make Heat Simple, a Swiss company that helps you regulate heating and energy spendings remotely.

The bot helps visitors to assess their situation and find companies that are able to provide them with remote heating control. The user can stop with a more general search or specify the requirements to the smallest detail.

A simple chat like this is able to save the sales and support department a whole lot of phone calls since the services offered are very case-specific. Another proof that effective and intelligent chatbots don’t necessarily need to rely on AI.

7. ALTBOT: Energy Quote Made Clean n’ Simple

ALTBOT is a project that offers a free energy comparison for businesses.

The premise is simple, all you need to do is answer a few questions. Then, the bot crunches the numbers and analyzes the data. Once done, the human team takes over talking to relevant reliable suppliers. They find the best possible match for your business in a given area and ensure the setup goes smoothly.

This is another case where a bot substitutes the dreaded online form. It helps to ease the pressure on human agents without sacrificing a pleasant CX.ALTBOT’s visual and conversational designs are simple, practical and efficient, a great fit for its intended purpose!

8. Yurbi: Handy Helper

Yurbi, a SaaS that creates data dashboards and reports for growing companies also has a helpful chatbot website assistant. The bot resides in the bubble in the bottom right corner of the website, waiting to be asked for help.

Yurbi chatbot shows off a great design that fits with the company's visual identity as well as a brand-appropriate sense of humor and whimsy. The bot answers to support and sales frequently asked questions as well as offers an option to speak with a human agent if his answers are not enough.Yurbi definitely deserves recognition for their bot! Good job!

9. AdmitHub: Smart Member of the Sales Team

Last but not least on our list of website chatbot examples is AdmitHub, a SaaS that creates bots for educational institutions bringing their mascots to life. In this case, it doesn’t come as a surprise the company uses a chatbot to promote their services.

AdmitHub mascot bot is simple, straightforward and great in demonstrating what the customer will get should they decide to go for it. It helps the company to collect the necessary contact information, as well as the intent and goals prospects wish to achieve with the bot.

It’s a perfect scoring system disguised as a conversation.

How to Make Your Own Chatbot More Engaging?

The list above features very different kinds of chatbot examples.

Yet, all of them manage to capture their audience one way or another.What is the secret ingredient you ask?

The disappointing answer is that there isn’t ONE.

Like many things in life, the answer here is entirely context-dependent. The main takeaway here is that you don’t need to be a big brand or have a huge budget to create a bot that engages and entertains its users.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

⭐️ Great Chatbot Examples Must Have a Purpose ⭐️

There was a time when people were so intrigued by chatbots that merely having one was enough to get them to engage with it.

Not anymore.

The purpose is necessary.It doesn’t need to be an overly grand and complex purpose but the bot does need a reason to exist; a reason that provides someone, somewhere with some sort of value.

As you have seen from the list, it can be anything from helping people deal with insomnia to letting them interact with their favorite movie characters, learning a language or stopping them from feeling lonely.

But your bot has to help with something. Don’t be afraid to be creative about it.

⭐️ Great Chatbot Examples Need a Personality ⭐️

What does that signify exactly?

Does it mean you need to create a full-fledged character with a detailed bio?

Not necessarily.Though, you do need to define it to a certain extent.

To be more specific, when we talk, we let the implications of who we are, slip into that speech.

We do it through the choice of words, expressions, or references we use.Your bot needs a basic behavioral reference structure - is it friendly, funny, sarcastic, compassionate, business-like? Is it a person, an animal, a robot, or a fantastic creature?

Does it use abbreviations in its speech?

Does it use slang words or sophisticated industry-specific vocabulary? Everything that comes across in speech needs to be considered. And remember, personality usually accounts for the funniest and coolest parts of bot conversations.

⭐️Great Bot Examples Must be Functional & Easy-to-Use ⭐️

Chatbots have the potential to offer the most user-friendly experience because all humans are aware of conversational rules already.Nothing needs to be explained. At least it shouldn’t need to be explained.

So, for a bot to engage seamlessly, you need to make sure that those rules are honored.

E.g. a bot should always say “hi” and introduce itself to new visitors rather than jump straight to whatever it is the bot is supposed to be doing.

Similarly, there should be no dead ends in the conversation.

The user always needs to have an option to continue the conversation, go back, or opt-out.

⭐️ Great Bot Examples have to Connect with its Audience ⭐️

The last but not least important factor is how the bot's purpose, personality, and functionality connect with its intended audience.

It doesn’t matter how well you mastered the three previous steps if they are unrelated to your audience, your bot will fail.

Moreover, this connection is not solely about “Who” it’s also about “When/in what instance.”Design your bot to your audience as well as the context of the situation it is supposed to solve or manage.

In other words, if your bot is designed to help your customers in time-sensitive moments, don’t let it rumble on with jokes or GIFs.

Under normal circumstances, your audience might truly appreciate them but in a hurry, they are nothing but unnecessary friction between them and their goal.

Why Not Create Your own "Website Chatbot Examples"?

Did you enjoy our list of website chatbot examples?

We certainly hope so.

What’s more important, you can get your very own bot! 😱🤖 Building a chatbot that will captivate your leads and customers alike has never been easier.

AI is not absolutely necessary.

What makes a killer bot is its conversation design appropriate to its purpose. Plus, there are more and more no-code tools out there allowing you to build a complex bot without writing a line of code.

If you are curious, check how you can try and create your codeless chatbot with Landbot!

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September 9, 2019
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