Boosting Your Conversion Funnel with Video Marketing

Illustrator: Adan Augusto
boosting conversion funnel with video marketing

Conversion is the lifeblood of digital businesses. When looking to convert potential customers, you're not just selling a productyou're establishing yourself as a trusted brand worth investing in

But are your conversion funnels working?

If your strategy isn’t getting the results you want, chances are that something isn't aligning between your content and the people you are trying to appeal to. Luckily, that problem can be solved with the right type of video content.

Marketing videos have grown to be essential in most strategies across different platforms. But to create videos that increase your conversion funnel effectiveness at different stages, you first must understand the nitty-gritty of those stages and figure out what type of video works best for each. And that’s why we are here today. 😉

So, if you’d like to know how to tackle all the above efficiently with videos, keep reading.

Conversion Funnels Through The Lens of Video

At the risk of stating the obvious, let’s start by putting everyone on the same page in terms of definitions. 

A conversion funnel is a model that shows the different stages of a customer's path to making a purchase, subscribing to a service, or overall taking an action you want them to take. And while there are different models to map these transitions, they all follow the same core premises.

If you want to create videos to help you tackle these stages, you must first know how each individually leads to achieving a conversion.

1. Awareness

In the awareness phase, you’re essentially trying to engage potential customers and make them aware of your brand as a whole. 

This stage usually involves educating your customers about your brand, your niche, or other related topics they’d find relevant. And they say that first impressions are key, which makes this stage vital.

To make an exceptional video that grabs eyeballs from the get-go, you can try going with: 

Company Culture Videos

A company culture video can help increase brand awareness by showing people how your company operates, what you're all about, and why you’re a delight to be associated with. 

It's a great way to get people who might not have been interested in or familiar with your company to become interested in what you have to say. They also give you a perfect opportunity to show people just how unique your company is!

Teaser Video

A teaser video is a short, enticing video meant to spark loads of interest around a topic. You can use it to attract attention and encourage people to probe further into the core message your brand wants to promote. 

They’re usually a combination of mysterious and witty — the idea being that if someone sees just a bit of something cool in your teaser video, they'll be hooked enough to click through and learn more about it!

2. Interest

Once your customers are aware of you as a brand, your niche, and topics relevant to your products or content, it's time to show them what they should be interested in when they come your way.

This ideally involves creating videos that delve deeper into your company's offerings or specific subjects you know your audience would be interested in and tie back to what you can do for them. This can help convince them‌ you are worth looking deeper into. 

A few types of videos that work particularly well at generating interest and advancing people down your funnel are:  

Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a short video (usually under 2 minutes) that is meant to deliver your message in a meaningful and memorable way. It usually uses storytelling to convey to your audience what you want to say, whether that's presenting a product or service or even communicating a feeling, which makes them a good fit for both the Interest and Desire stages of a funnel

This kind of video allows your audience to get to know what you can do for them and helps your brand connect with them on a deeper level. Try to make your video crisp, exciting, or even emotional for bonus points! 

Educational Videos

When we talk about educational videos, we don’t mean someone sitting behind a screen reciting a long lecture. We mean an engaging video that relays valuable information in a fun and compelling manner! 

This kind of video is helpful because it can make your audience realize‌ you're providing something that they want or related to a topic that matters to them. The goal is to stir the pot with broad-appeal, niche-specific content that's interesting enough to grab your audience's attention and prompt them to move further down your sales funnel.

3. Desire

The desire stage involves getting your audience to really want what you’re offering. Ideally, you’d want to focus on growth hacking-related content, revolving around a particular problem they might face and how you can help solve that problem. 

The best way to implement this stage is by highlighting your products, services, and brand in further detail. The key is to show them how their lives would benefit by associating with you. 

To keep people engaged and interested in what you offer, you can use:

How-To Videos

How-to videos are great for illustrating to your customers how to solve a problem using your product or service. The more you show people how your product or service works, the more likely they are to want it. 

Such kind of video usually implements a step-by-step demonstration of the workings of your product/service. Not only can this capture their attention from start to end, but it can also prompt them to check out what you are offering and consider getting it. 

FAQ Videos

Any potential customer might have specific questions about your brand, product, or service. So, your job with these videos is to conduct research on what their queries might be, whether it's through skimming reviews, DMs, or YouTube comments, and create a video where you answer these questions effectively and in a fun or engaging manner

Since this video poses questions that customers are usually asking, it’s a great way to provide them with information that would help them overcome potential doubts that keep them from moving down your conversion funnel. 

4. Action

By this point of the funnel, your audience is probably considering engaging with your brand on multiple levels. However, they are likely to be considering your competitors, too, which is why you'll need to give them a sound reason to choose you instead. 

This stage is all about building your audience's trust and loyalty and influencing a strong will to take action — whatever action you'd want them to take in line with your strategy's goals.

Here are some types of videos that have proven to perform really well in terms of conversions at this stage: 

Influencer Marketing Videos

In the era of social media, we all know just how much influence celebrities and social media personalities have. They hold a certain implied trust when it comes to their fans, which means they're your gateway to more conversions. 

Creating a video comprising endorsements with these personalities can do wonders when you are targeting people at this stage of the funnel who just need one last push. Remember that the most renowned influencers usually charge a hefty sum for collaborations, so only opt for this type if it makes sense with your budget! 


A testimonial video is a great way to use the power of actual satisfied customers to build the trust of potential ones. This kind of video makes use of real people in real scenarios, talking about how your brand, product, service, or message helped them. 

This is an effective way to generate trust that moves people into action while differentiating yourself from competitors who might have similar products or services with less substance behind them. 

And there you have it! A couple of effective types of videos for every stage of your funnel, each designed to help you move audiences down quickly and efficiently, one step at a time.

But before you go ahead and make your video, we have a few tips to help you make your video content as engaging and effective at generating conversion as it can be! 

Making Videos That Advance People Down Your Funnel

Now that you know the types of videos designed to perform well in a sales funnel scenario, it's time to actually make them. For that, you’ll need to ensure that your video content is doing what it needs to — getting the right message across to the right audience to get them to take action

Here are a few tips on optimizing your video content for conversions.

1. Understand Your Audience

The first and perhaps most important step is knowing who you’re talking to. Your video needs to be in tune with your audiences’ age group, education, likes, dislikes, and the medium they use most. 

For example, if you're a streetwear brand targeting Gen-Zers, it'd be best to make a video relatable to younger audiences since they're most likely to buy from you. This could be via a fun teaser or something that makes use of pop culture/Gen-Z lingo. You'd also want to primarily create content for social media since that's where your audience lies. 

2. Make it Aesthetically Pleasing and Memorable

Since video content is primarily a visual medium, it’s key to make it as aesthetically impactful as possible (within your already established branding cues). Online media consumers watch a ton of content every day, so you need to make sure your video stands out and grabs attention from the get-go. 

Make use of eye-catching graphics, animations, and visually appealing backdrops that align with your branding to make each video feel yours. You can also use elements like stock footage to help you improve the visual appeal of your content if you don’t have anything else!

3. Keep it Short and Simple

People have short attention spans. They'll surf through your video and leave within 5 seconds if they're not hooked right away. No one wants to sit through an hour-long video on their phones, after all. 

Cut out any sort of fluff or filler content from your funnel video. Keep it short and to the point, only covering the fundamental elements that you absolutely need to get your message across. 

4. Make it Fun

A good way to make a video engaging is to make it fun. Use humor or wit to spark your customers’ interest and increase positive value. This will also make your brand more relatable in their eyes. 

When your audience feels good about your brand, they’re more likely to want to be associated with you. 

5. Don’t Neglect Sound Editing

Believe it or not, a top-notch sound design will make a HUGE difference when it comes to the overall perceived quality of your funnel videos. Remember, each of these pieces serves a purpose in your funnel, and if your audience feels your video lack in quality or is rushed, they might get the wrong impression.

Use subtle sound cues at key moments of your video to drive attention to key information. Find a good piece of royalty-free music that goes with your video’s intended tone. And incorporate any company jingle or sound logo to help your video’s branding whenever possible!

Wrapping Up

It's no secret that video content is the most effective type of content in terms of reach and engagement, especially when it comes to getting people excited enough about a brand or product to take action! 

Knowing how to use the correct type of video in terms of your audience’s needs at each stage of your conversion funnel is crucial to help you boost your conversions. So, if you’re ready to combat your company’s woes and start growth hacking your funnel’s effectiveness, let’s get started on getting those conversions with some effective video marketing.