6 Handy Tips to Generate Leads with Video Marketing

Illustrator: Ana Galvañ

Video marketing has become important in today's business landscape. 

Did you know that online videos now make up the most internet traffic in 2021 and are expected to occupy incredible 82% in 2022?

It's quite safe to say that video marketing is one of the most compelling strategies that can help businesses improve campaign performance and achieve marketing goals faster. 

Video marketing campaigns come in different forms and shapes. 

So, in this article, I will talk about the top 7 ways to use videos in your lead generation strategy.

Why Should You Use Video Marketing?

Video marketing strategy helps businesses build an audience, raise awareness, and even generate sales. 

Another advantage of using video is that you can connect with an audience in a more attention-grabbing way. Hence, increasing the number of your leads rather quickly. 

To start with, targeted videos can help you boost SEO rank. Getting organic search results is such a key achievement for every company. It’s a long-term game, but videos can help you lower bounce rate, earn backlinks and boost time spent on page - all factors Google takes very seriously. Better yet, videos can help you reach prime SERP positions quicker than articles by appearing in the select video snippets tab.

Secondly, they can help you gain customer trust. Giving a face and a voice to the people behind the scenes increases brand’s trust-factor—especially in case of customer feedback videos. Nothing says the review is genuine more than your customer appearing on the screen voicing their opinion directly.

Last but not least, there is the increase in sales conversion. Videos can be very persuasive. Infact, according to Optimonster, 72% of consumers claimed they would prefer to learn more about a product or a service from a video AND 84% said they have been persuaded to buy a product or service by watching a marketing video. Wyzowl reports 79% of surveyed consumers said they were convinced to purchase or download a software product based on a video. Hence, video seems to be working its magic across industries. 

There shouldn't be any reason to oppose the idea of including videos in your marketing strategy. Videos help achieve your target and reach your destination in a way that other marketing campaigns can’t. 

How to Optimize Video Marketing for Your Business

There are many ways you can hone your video marketing strategy. One of them is to set the right video content for the right target audience. That way, you can effectively incorporate video campaigns to achieve the maximum result. 

1. Use Video on a Landing Page

Video marketing on a landing page can help you increase conversions by 80%. You can also put videos on your home page, product pages, and even on your blog page.

Source: VideoAsk

Since video is one of the most preferred content types in the search engine, adding videos on your landing page can be very powerful and yield outstanding results if done correctly. You will increase the chance of getting on the top of the search result and your ability to collect new leads. 

2. Include Video in the Marketing Email

Email marketing campaigns effectively provide a more personalized experience since it allows brands to communicate with their leads and customers directly. That's why, even after decades of emails, the strategy remains a popular (and effective) choice for building strong connections with customers. 

However, promotional email can sometimes seem a bit too dull and too template-y. Often, customers can predict what is inside a marketing email before opening it. This can negatively affect the open rate and engagement, causing losses for the company. 

Using videos, however, can reanimate the relationship with your audience. As mentioned at the beginning of the post, most consumers do prefer videos to text. Furthermore, Hubspot reported that 54% of customers want to watch content from a brand they follow and support.

Furthermore, Superoffice reported that just by mentioning the word “video” in the email subject line can increase your open rates by 6%.

See a good example of implementing marketing video in an email marketing campaign below:

Source: Soapbox

3. Incorporate Video Testimonials

Testimonials are critical content when you want to hook your audience from the get-go. Using video testimonials can boost your marketing strategy because it enables you to show customers how other people feel about your product or service with a great degree of transparency. After all, video testimonials are much much harder to fake than written reviews.  

Video messages are more relatable as well as more likely to gain trust during those fragile early stages of the conversion funnel.

Source: Testimonial Hero

4. Use Videos as Gated Content

Marketing videos are the fastest-growing form of content marketing because video has a compelling way to connect with consumers at times when time is a pricey commodity. 

You can capitalize on the video craze and lock the best part of your video content behind a gate. This tactic is excellent for building up customers' curiosity when learning about your business.

Source: Cardinal Path

Many companies create special infographics, PDFs, and videos that include exclusive information from the realm of their expertise. 

For example, a lot of marketers make downloadable marketing funnel techniques that people can learn for free. 

Almost free. 

The price is measured with contact details!

If you want your gated content to stand out, using video is the way. 

5. Make Customer Onboarding Videos

For video marketing to be effective, you need to know what video content matters for your business. 

Do you offer software as a service that requires signup and a bit of explaining to ensure customer success? You probably have an onboarding system in place… though many consumers are too impatient to read through it. This is where customer onboarding videos come to the rescue!

Source: Groove

The onboarding process is essential for every new customer because it helps them understand your product information, navigate the feature, and more. Video is a great way to speed up onboarding as it can minimize initial inquiries.

Therefore, making customer onboarding videos is another effective tactic in building a strong connection with your customers while also keeping them in the business for the years to come.

6. Leverage Social Media Videos

Social media has played a vital role in making video content popular everywhere. It helps boost fan engagement and create brand awareness. Social media video channels like YouTube and Instagram have millions of users who are likely to watch your video in correct stories size if you use the proper video marketing strategies correctly.

Source: Dunkin

Besides this, social media platforms also have countless features that can help you get more video views quickly on autopilot while also keeping them engaged with your brand for the long term. 

So, always make new videos for the social media platform because they are an essential part of video marketing and can drive massive traffic worldwide. 

Wrapping Up

A video marketing strategy is essential for business owners to consider because video content has won over consumers’ attention throughout the internet. Incorporating a video marketing campaign will help you connect with a bigger audience, collect leads, and convert them into customers. 

Now, it's time to improve your campaign with video marketing. Have fun!