Webflow & Landbot: Marketing Match for the Ages

Illustrator: Simone Virgini
landbot and webflow for marketing

Lately, you hear a lot about it. 


As technology evolves, so does digital marketing. And most marketers like you should know that now, more than ever, mastering certain tools can make a huge impact when it comes to taking a successful business path. 

A few years back, you wouldn’t even think of building an app or a website (fast), right? You’d think “coding, developing...”. 

That’s why the No-Code scene is getting so much coverage nowadays and why I put together this article.

At the end of this, I hope you better understand:

  • The value of no-code; 
  • How to convert more leads using no-code tools like Webflow and Landbot;
  • How to be a better marketer.

OK, But, What is No-Code, Please?

Building apps, websites, and chatbots without writing code is now possible thanks to no-code platforms.

These are software design systems built with user-friendly interfaces which generally come with visual drag-and-drop builders enabling non-developers to deploy websites, mobile apps, or bots

Without writing code! But is there any code? 


But it gets automatically generated, and you won’t see it since it’s in the background, behind the scenes. Needless to say that enabling this rapid delivery of complex end-to-end products is a turning point in software development and marketing, too.

This speed and agility proved its worth when the whole world was set on its heels by the pandemic with no-code platforms coming to the rescue of businesses and organizations all over the world!

Why Should You Use No-Code Tools?

Since no coding skills are required, there’s hardly any objection left for you not to try it. 

The list below could be endless but, I’ve boiled it down to four crucial reason you should consider no-code tools

1. Empower Your Team

No-code platforms come with highly intuitive block builders that make it fun to build something new. Whether or not you have coding experience, these platforms usually are super easy to use.

Since you no longer depend on highly skilled developers, you can build, manage and update your landing pages, email journeys, conversational flows, etc., all by yourself! In other words, no-code tools empower you with the ability to put your theoretical knowledge into practice without an intermediary

It’s also important to know that these tools come equipped with extensive knowledge bases, content material, blogs, communities, and even their own academies; these are all full of insights and inspiration that will answer everything while expanding your creativity from day one.

2 . Improvise Online Experiences, With A Few Clicks

Competition is fierce, and It's no secret that customer engagement is critical when building a website or a company. 

No-code tools provide many use cases to engage and turn web visitors into leads and customers that not using them will set you back. 

Since the code is out of the equation, you can build, experiment, and test to create the most unique experiences. Experiences that would otherwise take months - if not more - to deploy!

3. Engage, Collaborate & Motivate Teams

Before, creating a bot or website depended on your developer, and communicating needs and preferences were not always easy. At times, it seems there’s a code language barrier between developers and the rest of us!

However, no-code tools open doors to collaboration. Firstly, they allow marketers and other team members with little or no technical skills to contribute to the project actively. Secondly, they help developers speed up their workflow by simplifying a lot of processes and making them understandable and easier to explain to the rest of the team. 

Given their space, teams and individuals can be more creative, learn something new, and expand their skills. Plus, two (or more) heads are always better than one! 

As a result of this collaboration, you are likely to develop new acquisition strategies and come up with fresh ideas. 

4. Convert More Leads

Markets spend time searching for:

“How to improve website conversion…”

“How to convert more leads…”

“Best lead generation tool…”

We’ve all been there, and it’s time you get this right. Less search, more work!

Let’s take this typical scenario: There are many lead gen tools out there, yet you still haven’t done much to improve your website conversion. Those leads aren’t just disappearing into thin air. They are just converting somewhere else

It goes like this:

  1. Prospect search...
  2. They find your website (hopefully)
  3. Your website fails to convert them 😐
  4. They keep searching and find your competitor

Using no-code tools can change this. 

It will allow you to try out and test new strategies efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

With the power, control, and collaborative initiatives I mentioned above, you have more potential to enhance your website conversion. Suddenly trying out new creative techniques and running tests isn’t so out of reach.

We’ll try to help - read on.

Combining Webflow & Landbot for Improved Conversion

Here’s where things get interesting.

Let’s dive right into these two hot no-code tools and see how you can improve website conversion when combining them together.

Webflow – No-Code Web Design, CMS & Hosting

Webflow is a powerful web design tool that allows individuals to create professional, responsive, and custom websites in a completely visual canvas with no code.

webflow website builder

While there are many other strong players in the scene and considering that everything on the web is (still) boxes within boxes, within boxes, within more boxes with names and stylings that define how these... boxes will look like (that’s CSS or classes), Webflow is making it easy for all of us. 

Really easy.

For now, I’ll simply focus on Webflow’s Designer. 

Once inside, this is it:

webflow designer

A blank page where you can start adding ready-to-go elements with its drag-n-drop designer. 

Sections, containers, columns, headings, paragraphs, text blocks, video, images, dropdowns, etc., are at your disposal. 

Hit that + button to get going 🚀

webflow layouts

I could throw in a bunch of screenshots to show you where all the items you need are located, but since Landbot’s website is built on Webflow, I wanted to show you how quickly you can create some of the sections of this page. 

DIV blocks are my favorites, by the way. While a couple of items are already prepared, the rest took me around 6 minutes to do - I’ve fast-forwarded it to bring it down to just over 1 minute.

Note: The first time, I also bumped into that blank page - I didn’t know where to click or go. However, now, I’m capable of building nice and responsive web pages pretty quickly by myself. 

That’s a start for the very first section of your landing page, but you can also create a simple customer banner to showcase who’s on board in just around 3 minutes (as long as you’ve got your assets ready in the library that is).

...and keep going with creative sections to explain further about your product, this took me around 6 minutes to complete actually.

Also, adding mentions of your customers will give you a much needed personal touch - you can also get sections like this done in just over 5 minutes 🚀

Landbot – Lead Generation & Engagement

Landbot is our beloved no-code chatbot builder that enables non-technical individuals to create complex rule-based and even NLP-based conversational assistants for the web, WhatsApp, Facebook, as well as any other messaging or native app using API.

landbot builder homepage

Once you log in, simply hit the BUILD A CHATBOT button in your workspace section!

Inside the builder is where the magic happens. 

The Welcome Message will help you get started with your first drag-n-drop chatbot creation.

With a wide variety of use cases, you can customize your conversational flows based on your business offerings and customer profiles; here you’ve got some:

  • Lead generation - Optimize conversion funnels with an intuitive real-time lead qualification system; ask and score leads based on their answers; ensure your sales teams get the hottest ones while gathering critical information on every step of the conversion process.
  • Customer service - Get your bots working with automated FAQs while your team sleeps, and offer live human support for more complex queries when your agents are available.
  • Surveys - Get information from your visitors inside a conversation and capture their attention while collecting data with open questions, ratings, scales, and more in seconds.
landbot use cases

Inside the design section, feel free to customize your chatbot any way you want. 

Choose from different backgrounds and fonts, fun avatars, and other chat elements (or even conspire with your developer to add some custom CSS).

Et voilà!

Next, proceed to the “Share” section to embed the bot on your website in the format that most suits your use case: 

embed your bot

Here is a detailed tutorial to embedding your bot on Webflow:

Webflow & Landbot: What Are the Benefits?

Going back to 2017, we had a very limiting landing page in WordPress (we’re not saying WP is limited). 

The reality is that we did not have the resources to work on stuff like this. There were just over 10 of us at Landbot…

Our very first website was not even a website; it was a full-page bot (Yeah, Landbot bots do offer that option in the Share section 😉 ). It converted great, too. However, to gain organic positioning and visibility, we needed more.

web chatbot formats

We decided to move to Webflow in early 2020 and combine it with the interactive power of Landbot. 

And the funny thing is, we still didn’t have an in-house web designer whatsoever. BUT, that’s what's unique about Webflow and no-code tools, really.

You don’t need much to learn and start building landing pages. The more web design knowledge you have and the more SEO understanding too, the better for this. I’m not going to deny that.

Nevertheless, I, for one, have never created a landing page before. And suddenly, I was able to.

I went from asking my line manager, “Hey, which button do I press to access the designer?” (Which seems pretty obvious!)

webflow designer

...to being able to create a complete landing page all by myself.

The fun did not stop - and back then, every member inside our tiny marketing team was able to get into Webflow and build something.

We all put our heads together to build:

  • Dedicated (conversational) pages for paid campaigns;
  • A product landing page showcasing what can be achieved with our product;
  • Pages demonstrating you all the templates you can use;
  • Customer case studies pages;
  • And even our blog!

While this enhanced team collaboration, it also ignited my own interest in web design and the no-code tools scene and made me see real value here. To be honest, marketers should dive in the sooner, the better.

Sure, enterprises will always have the budget and the resources to build their nice-looking website and deploy a fancy AI bot. However, SMBs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) and startups who lack these kinds of resources have a lot to gain from no-code. It can help them stand up and really provide resources to step up your game.

I’m speaking from experience when I say that with tools like Landbot and Webflow, you’ll be able to change the game when it comes to:

  • Showcasing your product and offerings - Explaining who you are and what your product does in a fun and engaging way.
  • Enhancing paid campaigns - It's critical to find the right balance between user intent and landing page content; a good ads score doesn’t mean lower acquisition costs!
  • Better team collaboration - Motivation can come from collaboration; your team members learning something new leads to more ideas, more creativity, better results.
  • Improving productivity - No need to spend budget on new hires when your existing team members are able to create and launch new campaigns inside a powerful designer.
  • Engaging and qualifying more leads - Since chatbots are more flexible than ever before, they provide better web experiences attending to your visitors more effectively while being able to qualify those who are most interested in your product.
  • Building complex chatbot solutions - Launch engaging web or mobile bots without coding skills, thanks to Landbot’s intuitive no-code chatbot builder.
  • Boosting landing page conversion - By embedding high converting bots on your web properties, you’re bettering your landing page conversion without throwing all your marketing budgets into paid acquisition.

To Sum All This Up...

Stop thinking it’s too complicated.

No-code tools are here to make your life easier and give your business opportunities that were missing before.

Marketers like you can too improve, learn something new every day and quickly implement conversion techniques you’ve searched for for so long.

To go by example, combining Landbot and Webflow gave us the agility we didn’t have before. They make campaigns and landing pages: 

  • Fast to build, deploy and launch;
  • Cost-effective;
  • Fully customizable;
  • Fully under your control.

Indeed, if anything makes a no-code tool better, it’s using it in conjunction with other such tools.

Stop searching and start making it happen.