Builder 3.0: Variables & Conditional Logic

Fran Conejos
B2B SaaS Marketer
Illustrator: Jana PĆ©rez
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Variables and conditions are powerful functions within a bot allowing you to collect data in an organized manner and design appropriate (re)actions based on the quality and relevance of your lead.

Both of them were available in the older version of the Ladbot app. Though, given their potency, our team worked hard to make these features more user-friendly, structured and accessible šŸ”


Variable is like a box, a folder with a name that stores a certain type of information. For instance, a variable @email refers to and stores all the gathered email addresses. First of all, we have updated the way variables are presented as well as created.

Clicking the variable option in the Message block opens up a pop-up screen that shows you a list of pre-designed variables. Nothing new there... Except, this time you are also able immediately to:

  • Identify the format of the variable based on the icon
  • See an example of each variable

The variables are also organized into categories based on their type:

  • Lead Details
  • Usage Details
  • Custom Variables (the ones you create)
  • Time References

Creating Variables

Within the old builder, creating a variable with the ā€œMessageā€ or ā€œAsk a Questionā€ block was fairly inexact. Specifying the format was only possible using the ā€œSet a Variableā€ power-up function.

Builder 3 offers you more information and allows you to set up a more precise set of parameters when creating a new variable - even when you do so in a Message block. You are able to

  • See the variables and their corresponding examples
  • Create and variable AND specify its format (String, Number or Date)

Applying Conditional Logic

Setting up conditional logic in your flow using the older version of Landbot app looked something like this:

Builder 3 brings along quite a few changes. First of all, the user interface is more structured as well as enriched by two new conditions:

  • Equals to
  • Does not equal to
  • Contains
  • Is set
  • Greater than
  • Less than

Furthermore, you are able to see the conditions you created in the flow without the need of clicking on the block like in the old version.

Posted on
June 16, 2019
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