Tech is for Everyone: How Landbot Unlocks the Gates to Chatbot Technology

Illustrator: Jana Pérez
tech is for everyone

Access to the internet and technology is a Human Right, as declared by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations. Though, in reality, just having access to tech doesn’t always mean you can use it to maximum advantage. Not all of us have the interest or time to understand code, or the resources to employ those who do... That’s why I fell in love with no-code.

Landbot: The No-Code Champion

At Landbot, “Tech is for all” is quite fiercely advocated. After all, our mission is to democratize access to technology and knowledge, empowering businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

The creativity that stems from it is quite inspiring.

On a daily basis, I am a witness to how each person brings a different perspective to Landbot, from no-coders to developers. 

For example, to integrate a database within our bots, most clients choose Google Sheets, while others are big Airtable fans. On the other hand, the more techy clients and developers have the option to use a Webhook or our API to integrate any database they wish. All options are great, as each user has their own way of building and using our bots according to their needs. 

There are so many different ways of achieving the same result, and I believe this is the way we can embrace our right to access technology with impact.

The Team Behind the Tool

That being said, at the Customer Support team we take on the exciting challenge of helping our users achieve their goals using our platform. 

All of us come from different backgrounds, but have one thing in common: we are curious and willing to learn, which is the basis to do anything worthwhile with technology. 

We can relate to the frustrations that our clients have while using a new feature or trying something new… I went through the same experiences myself, after all. Despite the occasional frustration, I believe that tools like Landbot make enjoying using technology a possibility for anyone - and that is what we try to pass on to our users. 

More than just solving a question, we want to share our knowledge, and bring each user one step closer to mastering Landbot. I see our Customer Support Reps as teachers and makers, rather than just problem solvers. We want to help users to see Landbot with our eyes: a powerful and easy-to-use tool that helps you achieve almost anything.

Just as our users are facing challenges, trying out new features and integrations every day, so are we! It’s part of our culture, and I’m always excited to see a workaround that a team member came up with or a new way to build something that we haven’t thought of before. 

For instance, we could see that our Webhook block was a bit too techy for our no-code users. So, we released the new Trigger Automations block, which eventually led to a series of recommended integrations and workarounds created by our Customer team. This made the possibility of integrating external services with Landbot a reality for our no-code clients, and we found amazing new tools to integrate with our bots in that process.

My Advice...

As a Landbot User, my advice is to be curious and trust your instincts! Try out new things, and you will be able to build incredible experiences. 

No matter your background or technical knowledge, you just have to learn how to use the right tools for what you have envisioned - and that is possible to anyone just willing to try. 

Access to Technology is a Human right, and you have all the power at your hands to make it happen. Dare to test a new feature, try out that workaround, and always keep learning!

PS: Of course, if you ever need a helping hand, I encourage you to check our Knowledge Center or reach out to our Customer Support team!