Empowering People to be Healthier and Stronger with Landbot’s Quiz Bot

Illustration: Jana Pérez
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Discover how Craft Berry - a leading design and development agency for Shopify - put together a high-performing lead generation eCommerce quiz bot for Innermost, an award-winning wellness brand that uses the power of nutrition to craft solutions for health and fitness goals.

Long gone are the days when people bought just products. The digital transformation and the following evolution of marketing dramatically changed both customer’s expectations and companies’ positioning, communication, and values.

Today, brands are living creatures. They have a heart, a mission, and a purpose. Businesses are not out there to aggressively sell and make a profit. It is all about the added value they give to people, it is about the customer.

This short story is exactly about that.

As experienced developers responsible for the development of many international online stores, we observed how brands were changing their approaches to engage with their customers. We were no longer building plain stores packed up with futile items. Instead, we gladly joined our clients’ missions to impact users’ life and help them reach whatever they strongly desired.

How it All Started

Back in the winter of 2019, during one gloomy day, Innermost contacted us with a request to develop a personalized quiz for their e-commerce website. The project was aimed at providing customized product recommendations based on each user’s individual needs and fitness goals.

We embraced the idea and started figuring out how to create a powerful quiz that encourages people to become better versions of themselves.

Choosing Landbot for this task came naturally because of three main reasons:

  • It was extremely intuitive and easy-to-use
  • It offered features for creating a robust quiz with deep customization which allowed us to align its design with the client’s brand identity
  • Once created, the quiz could be edited directly by our client as no coding skills are required

Creating Innermost’s Personalized eCommerce Quiz Bot with Landbot

We started by appreciating Landbot’s variables and set a number of key ones at the very beginning of our algorithm. Each of them was evaluating a specific part of people’s physical and mental health (e.g. sleep, energy and stress levels, nutrition, detox, fitness goals).

With the support of Innermost’s team of scientists and nutritionists, we created 30 different questions that guide users through the quiz while the algorithm calculates how all those variables change with each given answer.

The abundance of variables let us achieve the ultimate goal - supremely accurate and strongly personalized results leading to scientifically proven recommendations.

“Our experience with Landbot was truly pleasurable. Even with our solid development skills, this quiz was a challenge as it contained 429 Landbot’s blocks, 30 questions, added coding features, and millions of possible outcomes. Nonetheless, Landbot’s team was always there answering all our questions, looking for solutions and supporting our work”. - Preslav Nikov, Lead Developer and Project Lead

The Power of Landbot’s Blocks

In order to develop such a complex quiz, we used various block types Landbot offers:

1. Zapier blocks - They allowed us to integrate Landbot with Innermost’s marketing platform - Klaviyo. Therefore, based on the quiz results, Innermost sends valuable guides and personalized recommendations to its subscribers.

2. Javascript blocks - By using these blocks and our development skills, we managed to add a progress bar with a custom solution. We also used these to upgrade the quiz and link the Shopify recommendation pages with the individually calculated result of each user.

3. Simple question blocks - 30 questions linked to the primarily-set variables assess what exactly the customer needs in order to achieve the wellness goal he said he is after.

4. Specific question blocks - We connected a few of the questions with some of the strings set in the variables. This allowed us to personalize the message for each recommended product and to explain which answer led to this part of the result.

5. Message blocks - Providing verified customer reviews, sharing scientific facts and showing appreciation all come with the message blocks we integrated between the questions. These short content pieces engage the users, prove the quality of the products and reveal the expertise Innermost has in the fitness & wellness niche.

The Impact of the Personalized Health Quiz

We are happy to state that this quiz was and still is a huge success both for us and for Innermost.

This inspiring collaboration with Landbot was a thrilling experience for Craft Berry. Furthermore, the quiz has already been taken by thousands of people and helped them start their journey towards improving their own selves.Here are a few of the most significant areas this quiz impacted:

1. Innermost’s lead generation and conversion rate - The quiz is an impressive functionality that enhanced the storefront and attracted many people interested in premium supplements and better living. By personalizing results and giving valuable recommendations and tips, the brand managed to involve many prospects and expand its community.

2. People’s awareness of their mental and physical health - Alongside the questions flow, the quiz presents to users many valuable short pieces of content. This nurtures their general knowledge about the importance of living a healthy life and provides advice about specific actions people can take in order to improve their general well-being.

3. People’s journey towards reaching their goals - Up to this moment, thousands of users took the personalized quiz.Each of them was freely given the opportunity to enjoy setting a fitness objective and answering a bunch of questions about their diet type, hours of sleep, energy and stress levels, fitness goals, ability to concentrate, immune system, allergies, personal preferences, etc.

During all years of designing, building, and developing extraordinary storefronts, we have always been aiming at creating memorable user experiences while supporting the companies we work with.

This project is a bright reflection of what we do - anything that leaves a mark helps people and stands out from the crowd.

As Innermost’s idea, Landbot’s amazing functionality, and Craft Berry’s expertise in design and development merged into a successful project with a cause, people are now able to take this personalized quiz and to head to their self-improvement journey just like the thousands who already did.

P.S.: That's just the beginning! Continue discovering the hidden possibilities of conversational advertising for ecommerce and other types of business!