Lead Generation Quizzes: How to Improve Conversion

Illustrator: Jana Pérez
lead generation quizzes

Lead collection is the first and foremost priority of all marketers. Getting that email is crucial. However, ensuring the leads are actually worth the time and effort is becoming even more so. 

Customers - businesses and end-consumers alike - are getting ever more exigent in regards to speed, personalization and overall quality of experience. Nobody is willing to wait days for a response, even less so for a response that doesn’t seem at all tailored to their needs. 

Many still believe that generating more leads as well as obtaining richer, quality-indicative data are mutually exclusive.

Not necessarily.

By employing quizzes as a lead generation tool, you can not only segment new prospects but also make personalized recommendations and customize any future campaigns.

What are Lead Generation Quizzes?

Lead generation quizzes provide your audience with a fun, interactive experience while gaining valuable information from your prospects

A quiz can help you assess interested leads, their preferences and even their position in a customer journey. Their entertaining and engaging format helps to combat the usual reluctance associated with information submission and form filling. Hence, not only do lead generation quizzes help you collect more information about your potential customers, they can do it while keeping your prospects happy. 

Why do Quizzes Work so Well for Lead Generation?

The simple answer: personalized experience

Personalization has been stealing the spotlight with key benefits including decreased operational costs, greater visibility into customer needs, increased customer satisfaction and engagement. 

Quizzes offer an easy way for you to offer a high level of customization from the first touchpoint. In fact, 69% of respondents consider quizzes most effective in the early awareness/discovery stage of customer journey. 

Another advantage of lead gen quizzes is their adaptability. Being able to serve almost any niche or industry, they make for a powerful strategy both in B2C and B2B scenarios.

While users find them fun and engaging, their true power lies in their ability to drive your key lead generation strategies:

  • Driving more traffic to your funnel - Quizzes are one of the most shared interactive content and so serve greatly in increasing brand awareness and driving traffic from social media to your website. 
  • Qualifying leads - Quizzes are data forms in disguise, easily leveraged to collect data pertinent to your qualification/scoring process without annoying your prospects.
  • Segmenting leads- Besides helping you to distinguish qualified from unqualified leads, quizzes can also help you segment respondents into more defined target groups. Hence, upon completing your quiz, you can send the leads on a personalized customer journey based on the discovered target persona. 

Lead Generation Quizzes: Best Practices

Before you dive into creating your own lead generation quiz and invest resources, you need a plan in order to make it work. 

Here are a few crucial tips to keep in mind to create a quiz with noting:

1. The Quiz Is Not About You, It's About Your Leads

Don’t make the mistake of turning the thrill of the quiz into a drag of a survey. When putting together your lead generation quiz, create questions your potential leads can identify with. Include questions which will keep them entertained and focus the attention on them rather than your business. 

2. Use The Quiz to Qualify Your Leads

While the questions should be entertaining and presented to bring benefit to your leads, they should also be targeted and asked with a clear goal in mind. For example, if you are selling a MarTech tool you can launch “What kind of a marketer you are?” personality quiz which can help you uncover if the leads are indeed the right fit for the tool you are offering. 

3. Use Scoring to Your Advantage 

While individual answers can provide you with a lot of insight, cleverly scoring quizzes can provide a great overview if you need to segment leads correctly. Ensure that the lead generation quiz keeps score easily so they receive the right result.

4. Use Opt-Ins (Don’t Make it Mandatory)

There is nothing more aggravating than completing a quiz only to realize you MUST submit your email address to obtain the results. Remember, lead generation quiz, although created with a goal to gather prospects, is meant to attract and entertain. 

Hence, forcing people to join your email list is NOT a way to go. Even if a lead doesn’t provide you with an email address, they are likely to share their results and invite more people to participate. Making email compulsory to receive results can backfire badly and have a negative effect on your campaign. 

If you really want to encourage people to give you their contact details, make it optional BUT offer something in return for the address - a discount or a voucher!

5. Provide Value to Gain Value

A quiz that offers a bit of distraction and entertainment is great for attracting attention. However, you increase the stakes by offering even more value in the form of a discount voucher, helpful content or limited access. 

6. Follow up After the Quiz

If you sacrificed the time and resources to obtain these leads, don’t let them forget about you. Use the information you learned about them from the quiz to send them down a tailored nurture path. Regardless of what you decide to do, your lead generation quiz campaign needs a clear follow-up strategy. 

How to Create a Lead Generation Quiz?

1. Give Your Quiz a Compelling Title

  • Add “you” and “your” to the title: It makes the quiz sound more personal without much effort. Titles like “What kind of coffee are you?”, “Test your Marketing Skills!”, or “What’s Your Personal Style?” get more attention than an impersonal titled quiz such as: “The Business Quiz”.
  • Use the title to issue a challenge: Give your title a bit of attitude with words like ‘really’ or ‘actually’ that will turn a simple question into a teasing challenge:

Before: “How much do you know about chatbots?”
After: “How much do you really know about chatbots?”

2. Keep to “The Three Minute Rule” 

Putting together a quiz is quite fun but you can’t get carried away, lose the sight of your goal and overshoot the number of questions to challenge your audience. 

Too many questions can cost you the leads you need. 

Have you heard of “The Three Minute Rule”?

Most lead generation quizzes follow it to accommodate today’s busy users.

So, for best results, keep the quiz entire experience at three minutes or less. Since most lead quizzes show the final lead gen form before final results, overly long quiz means risking losing potential leads.  

In quiz terms, three minutes amounts to t about 6-8 questions per quiz with 3-4 answer options per question. Stick to it and you won’t notice a drop in completions as visitors get distracted or lose interest.

However, if you do ask a bit more questions, ensure you are offering high value in return but it is a discount, exclusive content or other form of privilege that goes beyond quiz results!

3. Go Beyond Text & Challenge Classic  Quiz Format

Quizzes are effective but also not that new. 

Hence, how you present your quiz - it’s visual appeal - matters. 

Audiences are fickle with an attention span of a goldfish.

You need to do all that is in your power to keep their attention on your quiz until the very end. 

One of the best methods to go about is including rich media as part of your quiz. That means leveraging good quality gif and image buttons, carrousels and other rich UI elements throughout the quiz. 

On the other hand, you can also play around in format and instead of the traditional experience deliver your quiz in a form of chat! It feels natural and makes your quiz perfect for mobile devices. 

4. Keep the Lead Forms to the Point

Whether you are using a traditional or conversational quiz format, your “lead form” at the end of the quiz should be short and sweet. 

After all, you had the whole quiz to ask all the other questions.

Gather the email (and name if you haven’t done so already) and be on your way. 

5. Give the Results the Attention They Deserve

Often, quiz makers spend a huge amount of time on the quiz questions and forget to give as much love to the results. However, the users are taking the test to see the result

So, if the results leave them wanting, all your effort is likely to go down the drain.

When planning your quiz, divide your time equally between questions and results. 

In fact, if you are making this lead generation quiz for the purpose of segmentation, you might start by creating the results, tailoring each to one of your audience segments. Creating these results will make creating questions and scoring systems much easier. 

What Types of Lead Generation Quizzes are There?

Lifestyle Quizzes 

Lifestyle quizzes are often used by eCommerce stores. There is a good reason for it. Such quizzes can do miracles for personalized product recommendations. 

One of the most talked about lifestyle quizzes is the one by Beardband. The brand takes a Buzzfeed-kind of approach and asks:  “What type of beardsman are you?”

The quiz focuses on learning about the respondent’s facial hairstyle and grooming habits as well as favorite apparel brand, where they live, etc. It’s a great example of a lead generation quiz because while collecting user key data, it goes beyond Beardbrand products and turns the spotlight on the quiz takers, helping them to find their identity.

Lifestyle quizzes help create a more personal rapport with even the newest of leads, giving them a sense of identity, turning a simple product into something more - a concept to live by.

(Personal) Style Quizzes

When it comes to fashion and design, many people have problems making decisions. Firstly because most of them are not fashion or design experts. Secondly, even if they do have an idea of what they like, the sheer amount of choice is often overwhelming. 

Hence, another great option for a lead generation quiz are style quizzes. They provide a fun and engaging way for your prospects to narrow down the choices and make better, faster and more focused decisions that keep them coming back. 

Great examples of style quizzes include Warby Parker which welcomes new visitors with a simple quiz offering to help them find the perfect pair of frames in their store:

Another famous example is by TopShop, UK fashion brand. Its quiz enables shoppers to get personalized style recommendations on the spot. Better yet, the company uses this data to create tailored recommendations in the future, keeping their brand fresh in the minds of customers with ever personalized approach: 

Consultation Quizzes

The attraction of many lead generation quizzes lies in being fun-to-take experiences. However, practicality can take you as far as entertainment. If not further.

Consultation quizzes focus on analyzing users’ status and offering direct solutions. They offer automated consultation one can access at any time and anywhere, making sales of tailored products much easier. 

Great examples of consultation quizzes are Innermost and BuddyNutrition (both built with Landbot).

Both brands offer nutrition-related products to help shoppers find the right solution for their particular case. In this case, the quiz is extremely valuable as the nutrition market is flooded with contradicting information and consumers who are only starting on their nutritional journey often don’t know… well… where to start.

Innermost quiz starts by collecting lead data and then proceeds to analyze your lifestyle including nutritional and activity preferences and habits:

Offering interesting facts based on user answers along the way:

The quiz culminates in generating a product selection fit to your lifestyle and the goal you have in mind.

BuddyNutrition business concept is built on selling tailored vitamin & nutrition smoothies. Structured as a conversation, the quiz collects specific data on customers health, habits, flavor preference and calculates a personalized smoothie recipe for each shopper: 

Consultation quizzes can be useful in a variety of industries, especially in terms of products or services that require significant amounts of data to have value in the eyes of the customer. 

Gated Offer (Incentivized) Quizzes

In some cases, users won’t care if you offer a fun personality quiz or a more serious consultation one as long as they have a chance to access whatever added value you have to offer. 

Quiz can substitute an old boring form as a guardian of your gated content or discount. While you can use the quiz to collect additional data, the visitor’s aim is to access whatever you promised.

Naturally, this type of lead generation quiz makes the lead generation easy, since people expect you to ask for contact information and are happy to offer it. 

One of the most known gated offer quizzes online is by Fabletics, sports clothing for women. 

If you fill in a few questions about your sport and sport clothing preferences, you get a significant discount. 

So even though the quiz is not particularly fun or informative, users love to take it because of the discount. Thanks to that incentive, Fabletics uses the collected data to segment users, convert some of them into customers and send personalized email offers to all leads in the future. 

What Quiz Maker to Choose for Your Business?

To build your quiz, you need a reliable quiz maker. 

The market is flooded with quiz making tools. So, which one should you choose?

Well, there are three key points you should consider when selection your quiz maker:

  • No-Code builder. A good quiz maker allows you to put together a quiz quickly and effortlessly using a visual interface. 
  • Pricing. Be clear about your needs and compare these needs with the tools pricing plans. If you only plan a singular campaign, you should stay away from tools that require annual payment, etc. Consider aspects such as expected engagement etc. 
  • Integrations. When it comes to lead generation, the quiz maker integrations are perhaps the most important factor of all. You are building the quiz in order to collect data so you need a quiz maker that can process this data as efficiently as possible.

Why Create Your Lead Generation Quiz with Landbot: The Power of Conversations

Now, Landbot, although known to be a chatbot maker, is a powerful tool, perfect for creating lead generation quizzes. 

Besides allowing you to build the quiz in a conversational format perfect for mobile devices and tablets as well as desktops, it offers a huge variety of integrations that will make your quiz not just attractive but extremely efficient. 

No-Code Interface

Landbot builder is all about connecting blocks with arrows to create a conversation flow. 

Each block represents a piece of conversation between the bot and the user, allowing you to save data from EVERY interaction. 

Rich Buttons

Chat these days doesn’t have to rely on text only. Landbot’s famous button’s block provides several different ways to engage customers. 

You can use classic buttons, or combine the buttons with images, gifs or emoticons for greater visual/emotional impact.

The block also lets you set up multiple choice or randomize the order for the buttons.


rich buttons quiz landbot

User Experience:

lead gen quiz buttons

Picture Choice

The Picture Choice block enables you to spice up the experience with a bit of carousel action.

While the back-end setup works very much like setting up the buttons, on the front-end the users will be able to review the options in a dynamic defile of cards. 


picture choice landbot quiz

User Experience:

Multi-Question Block

Using a Multi-Question Block is like creating a miniform inside a chat. 

So, in the end, if you wish to include a lead gen form, you don't need to ask the data question by question but offer a straightforward mini-form.


multi question block landbot

User Experience:

multi question form landbot

Set a Variable

Set a variable block is the block that enables you to easily score each answer and calculate the final score in the end. 

quiz scoring set a variable

If you wish to learn more about how to set up the score calculation for your quiz, visit our conversational quiz tutorial!


Landbot’s most cherished features are its integrations that allow for quick data processing that is also super easy to set up. 

quiz integrations landbot

You can easily export your data to a database such as Google Sheets or Airtable. However, you can also take advantage of more advanced integrations such as Zapier or Segment which allows you to push the data to pretty much any tool you want. 

Custom Design

Landbot also offers a no-code design editor thanks to which you can decorate your bot with brand colors.

custom quiz design landbot

If you crave to be creative, the editor offers a CSS section which will allow your developer to apply a completely unique design to the whole quiz. 

To Sum Things Up…

Lead generation quizzes are not the youngest strategy on the market. Yet, they are proving themselves powerful tools  when it comes to strengthening any sales funnel conversion

Besides being attractive lead magnets, they have the capacity to improve your entire marketing strategy. 

With today’s ever more capable no-code tools, online quizzes can be made attractive, fun and interactive with little effort while providing you with a rich set of data to fuel your personalized email marketing campaigns. 

Sign up for free and try building your very first conversational quiz with Landbot!
Since the dawn of digital marketing, marketers have been faced with the ever present dilemma: Ask for more information and hurt the conversion rate, or ask fewer questions and spend time sifting through the unqualified leads later? In this article, we will explore just how effective lead generation quizzes be facing this challenge!