Landbot-HubSpot Integration: Empower your Chatbot with CRM

Illustrator: Adan Augusto
chatbot hubspot integration

Despite their rocky beginnings, over the years, chatbots have dutifully demonstrated—especially during and after the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic—their capacity to streamline customer communication across industries as well as stages in their buyer journey. While there’s little doubt their chatty and immediate nature is one of the bellowed chatbot benefits responsible for their popularity, their true value is buried behind the scenes in their connection with your CRM.

A CRM system is a powerhouse in and of itself. Studies have shown that the ROI of a well-implement CRM software system can exceed 245% (IBM) and it can boost conversion by as much as 300% (Finances Online). Equally positive effects of CRM have been reported in the areas of sales performance and forecasting. 

Now image all that organized customer data used in automated immediate conversational exchanges AT ALL TIMES, on the web, or via a messaging app your customers frequent. 

While you don’t need AI to make your bot look and act smart, you do need to have access to up-to-date data. 

You need a well-oiled CRM connection. 

That’s why making chatbot-CRM integrations as easy and smooth as possible is never too low on our to-do list. This time, the CRM we get to tick off the list is HubSpot. 

Why HubSpot for Chatbot Integration?

HubSpot is a leader in the digital marketing realm with a cloud-based, all-in-one CRM built to help manage every team in the company being one of its top facets. Since a lot of their foundation tools are free to use, it’s highly popular. 

In fact, HubSpot is one of the top 10 integrations accessed by our customers using a Webhook work-around was one of the top factors that propelled us to make it an easy-to-setup native integration. 

Landbot’s Native HubSpot Chatbot Integration

Your HubSpot chatbot integration can be found in the Integrations Library among all the other native connections available: 

hubspot chatbot integration

From here, you can manage all your HubSpot account connections across all your bots. 

landbot hubspot chatbot integration

In the builder, find the HubSpot chatbot integration block in the side menu or by dragging the green arrow out and pulling it from the pop-up list

chatbot hubspot integration

Before you can see the full anatomy of the block, you need to set up your account:

set up hubspot integration in your chatbot

How to Integrate HubSpot into Your Chatbot

Having set up your HubSpot-Landbot account connection, the HubSpot integration block will offer you  to choose from three action categories: 

  • Create data
  • Update data
  • Get data

Under each category, you can specify the action by selecting one of the following: 

  • New Contact
  • New Company
  • New Deal
  • New Ticket
hubspot-landbot setup

Each of the actions come with pre-set variables relevant to the specific action. E.g. “New Contact” automatically retrieves “First Name,” “Last Name” and “Email” variables.

retrieve data form hubspot to chatbot

However, if you require more information to set up a new contact you can add more. 

Click “+Add” under the “Extra Fields” section. Select the name of the action from the list available and then either select a corresponding variable from our variable library or create your own variable from scratch. 

hubsport chabtot integration data

Next, you can test your connection, although this is completely optional: 

test your landbot-hubspot connection

Last but not least, similarly to the Webhook block, you can easily save responses as variables:

hubspot chatbot save responses

Benefits of Integrating HubSpot into your Chatbot

Chatbots without CRM backup are still chatty and approachable and perhaps can help resolve some one-off questions. However, such uses and applications are very limited. CRM is the magic ingredient that allows you to deeply personalize interactions continually.

For example, with a HubSpot chatbot integration, you can:  

  • Generate new leads for your database and proceed to qualify them through the automated conversation;
  • Deliver friendly and personalized conversations based on previously-collected customer personal or behavioral data;
  • Design the bots to pass on the conversation to your agents in real-time when they asses the lead as qualified;
  • Add contacts to different workflows or nurturing journeys based on their responses instantly;
  • Collect and record all the information your chatbot gathers from the very first conversation since the chats automatically sync and store all pertinent data in your HubSpot CRM offering you the luxury of context at all times.
  • Save significant time and resources for your marketing and sales teams through automation, as well as improve your customer service accuracy and response times. 

And these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg!

HubSpot Chatbot Integration: The Wrap-Up

A survey by Invoca found that 76% of consumers would stop doing business with a company after just a single bad experience. And, according to Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that provides a personalized experience. 

Integrating a chatbot with HubSpot—or any other CRM—can not only help your marketing and sales teams personalize interactions from the very first touch point it can also boost your customer support efficiency. 

In this day and age, chatbots, in most cases, are quite a low-cost strategy. Thus, combining it with your CRM helps you leverage HubSpot to its fullest potential.

Curious? Then sign up with Landbot to try your HubSpot chatbot integration for free today!