WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns Tutorial

Launch WhatsApp campaigns with just a few clicks using Landbot, a sophisticated no-code WhatsApp marketing software.

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WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns Tutorial

WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns: A to Z

Using WhatsApp for marketing is no news. 

Knowing how to do it efficiently, however, is a whole other matter. 

Watch the video tutorial and follow the steps below to learn how to create, test and run WhatsApp campaigns with control and oversight at every step of the way. 

Step 1: Register with Landbot

Before getting started, complete the free registration process.


Step 2: Activate WhatsApp Playground Channel

WhatsApp Playground allows you to test the API integration in a safe space from the perspective of the final user (even before applying for the official access).

Playground channels work on one line only, which means only the phone number you connected can send and respond to automated or live WhatsApp messages you send from the Landbot platform.

  • Click on Channels Icon in the on the left-side menu
  • Select WhatsApp Playground
  • Click on Try it for Free and then “Create a New WhatsApp Channel”
  • Give the channel a name you can easily recognize on the dashboard
  • Under the “Tester’s Number” field, select the country code from the dropdown and add the phone number.
  • Click “Confirm”
  • Under “Automate Your Conversations,” use the dropdown menu to select the chatbot you want to connect to your new channel or click “Create New Bot”(recommended for first-timers)
assign bot to whatsapp playground
  • Save changes!
  • You will receive our Playground welcome text message on WhatsApp 
  • If you selected “Create New Bot,” you will be able to test a pre-designed WhatsApp marketing demo featuring various use case scenarios. You can do both, examine the backend flow infrastructure and test how it feels from the user’s perspective on WhatsApp.

Step 3: Build a WhatsApp Conversation Flow

Marketing strategies and messaging intent changes from business to business. So, once you are done examining and testing our demo, you are free to delete the demo flow and start building your own. 

  • Select from different question/message types
bot builder message types
  • Employ rich media such as images, videos, and gifs.
builder rich media integration
  • Use variables and conditions to hyper-personalize the flow in real-time.
  • Integrate with external CRM and marketing tools to collect and retrieve data.
  • Easily arrange for a human takeover to transfer WhatsApp users to live chat.

Step 4: Gain Subscribers

It’s impossible to run a WhatsApp campaign or even send a message without a subscriber contact list. 

Given the strict user protection rules imposed by WhatsApp, you can’t simply use telephone numbers you already have or obtain such a database from the third party. To be able to contact potential or existing customers via WhatsApp you need them to complete an opt-in process that follows and complies with these rules:

  • Users must provide their number via a 3rd-party channel (website, app, email, SMS, etc.) before you engage with them using your WhatsApp account.
  • It must be an active opt-in meaning the agreement must be triggered by the user’s action (e.g. by typing their phone number or checking a box). 
  • Users must have control over which phone number will be used to contact them (e.g., by typing the phone number or being given the edit option).
  • The CTA must clearly state what type of information the customer will receive via WhatsApp messaging app upon opting-in (e.g. shipping notifications, transactional notifications, new content/product updates, etc.).
  • The correct form of the WhatsApp logo and name that follows WhatsApp brand guidelines must form a visible part of the CTA/opt-in.

Landbot bot builder and messaging manager provides you with an intuitive no-code way of creating opt-ins, static and conversational. 

Please Note: Since WhatsApp Playground is a closed testing channel, it does not support the option of collecting subscribers. To be able to move on from the free testing stage and create a subscriber opt-in you will need to apply and be approved for the official WhatsApp Business API. Find out more about the API application process or contact us at sales@landbot.io

Static Opt-in

Static subscription CTA meets basic WhatsApp opt-in requirements collecting basic user data. 

  • Click “WhatsApp Business”
  • Select the WhatsApp channel (number) for which you want to create an opt-in snippet.
  • Click “Get Subscribers” and select “Configure New Snippet”
  • Clearly name your opt-in snippet (e.g. Newsletter Subscriptions; Shipping Notifications; Winter 2019 Competition; etc. )
  • Associate the snippet with a particular HSM message template.
  • Personalize the template with variables (if applicable).
  • Associate the opt-in with a specific bot flow (if applicable).
  • Create & customize snippet message (e.g. “I want to receive news updates and product from Ladbot via WhatsApp.”)
  • Click Create Snippet”
  • Copy the full code to embed the snippet on your website or… create a dynamic  conversational opt-in 

Conversational Opt-in

The conversational subscription process meets the basic opt-in requirements and allows you to collect additional data to further personalize and segment your WhatsApp campaign in the future.

  • Using Landbot builder, create a conversational flow and ask for the data that interests you (phone number, email, nationality, address, gender, product preferences, etc.) and make sure each answer has assigned a specific variable (e.g., @phone_number, @email, @address).
  • At the end of the conversation click to add “Webhook” integration.
  • Copy the snippet URL and paste into the “URL & Method” field of the Webhook integration.
webhook integration opt in
  • Activate the “Send Param” field and specify which variables you want to collect and save.
  • Save the bot, publish and share it to collect subscriptions!

Step 5: Launch & Manage WhatsApp Campaigns

WhatsApp marketing tutorial would not be complete if we didn’t show you how to efficiently launch and manage WhatsApp campaigns in practice.  

  • Access “WhatsApp Business”
  • Select channel (number) for which you want to launch the campaign
whatsapp-business-landbot (1)
  • Select “Campaigns
  • Click New Campaign” in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Similarly to creating an opt-in snippet: name your campaign, link it to an HSM template and (if applicable) to a bot. 
  • Scroll down and click “All Users” to select campaign audience
  • Click “Add Filter” to specify your WhatsApp campaign audience according to the data you have available.
  • Click “Confirm”
choose target audiece for whatsapp campaign
  • Activate the campaign or schedule the activation for a particular time and date!

Once your marketing campaign is active, you can review its performance by accessing it through your WhatsApp campaign list. You will be able to see how many:

  • HSMs were sent 
  • HSMs were delivered
  • Users engaged 
Master WhatsApp marketing campaigns with Landbot! Master WhatsApp marketing campaigns with Landbot!

Master WhatsApp marketing campaigns with Landbot!

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