HR Chatbot: Automation with Human Touch

HR Chatbot: Automation with Human Touch

Improve your company’s talent acquisition, create a connected onboarding experience, and boost employee engagement and satisfaction.


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What Are the Potential Benefits of Chatbots in HR?

When it comes to discussing the advantages of chatbots in HR, improving the employee experience is the top of the list. Rule-based and AI-powered assistants alike can help you improve the speed and quality of common human resources processes and improve employee satisfaction across all departments. All thanks to features only a chatbot can offer:

human resources chatbot response

Fast & Accurate Responses

HR bots eliminate the need to send explanatory emails followed up with reminders to get answers to simple questions from HR. They deliver instant, accurate and objective responses.

human resources chatbot efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Automating repetitive, mundane & time-consuming increases the productivity of HR teams and creates more engaging work experiences by allowing them to focus on more intricate tasks.

human resources chatbot analytics

In-Depth Data Analytics

Conversational artificial intelligence gives you an in-depth insight into the type and frequency of inquiries allowing you to identify issues and improve HR function and processes.

human resources chatbot transparency

Improved Transparency

HR bots offer data-backed, objective, yet personalized information about benefits, salary, and company policies fostering transparency essential to employee loyalty.

human resources chatbot questions

Familiarity & Lack of Inhibition

Today, instant messaging feels familiar and comfortable. Moreover, the fact that a query is directed towards software and not a human being makes posing the questions easier.

human resources chatbot capabilities

Multichannel Capabilities

What’s best, HR chatbots are not confined to a single channel but can serve your team on the web, intranet or any of the popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Why Create Your HR Chatbot with Landbot?

Our no-code chatbot builder enables you to create personalized multi-channel experiences for your employees in a matter of clicks. With Landbot, designing and deploying intelligent bots can be fast, simple, and easy to manage for tech and non-tech professionals alike.

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Builder

Create helpful conversations in just a few clicks using Landbot’s drag-and-drop interface.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Rich Responses & Media

Bring your bot to a new level with videos, images, gifs, buttons, carousels & more.

Variables for Organized Employee Data 

Use variables to collect, store, organize as well as retrieve employee data in real-time.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Natural Language Processing with Dialogflow 

Leverage Dialogflow’s NLP capabilities in an intuitive no-code environment. 

Personalized Experiences with Conditional Logic

Trigger logic jumps to customized resolution responses based on employee inputs in real-time.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Empower Workflows with 3rd-Party Integrations

Integrate HR chatbots with your CRM and other key 3rd-party tools for smooth communication.

Predesigned Templates

Leverage our pre-designed HR bot templates (e.g. event signup) to create bots in minutes.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Bot-to-Human Handoff with a Click

Use HR bots to screen queries and transfer them to the right department instantly if necessary.

Improve the Employee Experience with Simple yet Smart Integrations

Integrations transform chatbots into powerful automated data mangers. Landbot chatbot builder and management platform allow you to connect your HR chatbot with the tools you already use to streamline your workflow and improve internal processes.

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Set up action triggers inside conversation flows to send direct notifications from Landbot to your staff instantly and effortlessly (e.g. new potential student; course sign up; processed payment,etc..)
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Combine safety with comfort and convenience. Implement Stripe and let your customers complete their purchases without ever having to leave the conversation using a tool that inspires trust. 
twilio integration
Keep your leads, customers, as well as your team, informed about key actions taking place during the automated conversations. Use the “Send an Email” function to send notifications directly from Landbot in real time. 
mailchimp logo
Use MailChimp integration to build and upgrade your mailing lists with newly collected emails and other client data in an instant. With Landbot builder, all it takes is a click of a button. 
salesforce logo
Using Salesforce to manage your customer base? Connect your CRM with your banking chatbot assistant and update customer profiles with new information in real-time to leave no margin for error. 
google analytics logo
Collect key demographic and behavioral data to improve your services and identify new sales opportunities, by integrating your financial chatbot with Google Analytics. 
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Connect your chatbot with Google Sheets to automatically gather, update and retrieve data in course of a conversation to provide personalized service at a minimal cost.
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If rule-based bots are not enough to meet client needs, use the same no-code builder to create a chatbot driven by AI & natural language processing. Train it in Dialogflow and connect with Landbot with a click.
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No matter what tool you use to manage and drive your financial organization, Zapier integration allows you to link your bots to any of the 1000 apps and software tools available in its varied database. 

Top HR Chatbot Use Cases

Chatbots in Human resources can be leveraged in a variety of situations, helping HR professionals and employees alike. HR managers, as well as team members, stand to benefit from chatbots way beyond the scope of answering questions.

✔ Recruitment Chatbot

Recruitment bots can help HR managers scour through large volumes of applications quickly and efficiently by shortlisting candidates based on predefined metrics & requirements.

✔ Onboarding Chatbot

Bots can equally help out with the onboarding process, providing crucial information and training materials to new recruits 24/7 without the fear of “asking too many stupid questions”.

✔ HR Knowledge Base

HR bots can respond to employee queries by understanding the context and retrieving data from a variety of backend sources or your internal knowledge base instantaneously.

✔ Request/Shift Management

Bots let employees raise and easily track their requests (shift timings, holiday requests, extenuating circumstances, etc.) from anywhere and at any time improving their experience. 

✔ Expenses and Payroll Management

Ai can extend transactional support to HR professionals to easily manage absences and payroll, and employee calendars as well as simplify expenses submission and approval for employees.

✔ Measuring Employee Satisfaction

Chatbot conversations are the simplest and most natural way to collect employee feedback and get a clear picture of employee satisfaction at efficiently and at scale.

Create Conversational Experiences at Scale anywhere/anytime

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