Healthcare Chatbot: Information & Support 24/7

Healthcare Chatbot: Information & Support 24/7

Be where and when your customers are. Provide your patients with quality information instantly, in a safe one-on-one space, without waiting.

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Why Leverage Chatbots in Healthcare Industry?

The Healthcare industry is riddled with challenges that require automation but can’t afford to lose the human touch. Chatbot technology provides an intelligent solution that can keep up with the instant and personal nature of medical services, providing information when there is no moment to lose. 

Humanlike Approach

Chatbots can give a personal and trustworthy touch to digital experiences in any area of the healthcare sector thanks to the instantaneous nature of a conversational back-and-forth.

Extended & Faster Support

Virtual assistants can largely improve the quality of customer services by curating relevant information on-demand 24/7, lowering the anxiety caused by prolonged waiting times.

Personalized Marketing

Not every service fits all banking customers. Bots are unbeatable at collecting data naturally, bots help you create hyper-personalized campaigns and increase conversions.

Rich but Simple Interactions

In a busy and complex world of medical care, healthcare chatbots provide information in a simple, visual or written manner, keeping up with the demands for speedy resolution.

Healthcare Omni-Capabilities

Healthcare chatbot can provide information and services across multiple digital channels while retaining data and context for quality medical advice when and wherever. 

Power of Integrations

Chatbots can be easily integrated with 3rd party health systems to collect, update and retrieve patients’ personal health information when needed in a highly efficient way.

How Can Landbot Features Help You Put Theory into Practice?

Landbot no-code builder enables you to build the experiences above in a matter of clicks thanks to its intuitive feature-rich no-code interface. 

Intuitive Drag-n-Drop Interface

Create information-rich chatbots with ease using our drag-n-drop interface.
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Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Rich Responses & Media

Turn complex explanations into simple answers with images, gifs, buttons & more.

Efficient Organization through Variables

Create variables to collect, organize and protect patients’ data in real-time.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Natural Input Processing with Dialogflow

Create smooth CX by allowing patients to submit requests in a way that feels natural to them.

Personalization with Conditional Logic

Condition & personalize patient-bot conversations based on their responses in real-time.  
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

3rd-Party Integrations for Wholesome Care

Integrate a variety of 3rd-party tools to improve existing and create new workflows.

Predesigned Templates

Leverage our pre-designed bot templates (e.g. event signup) to create bots in minutes.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Smooth Bot-to-Human Handoff

Identify the most urgent/complex queries & instantly transfer them to medical staff.

Discover Landbot’s Powerful Healthcare Chatbot Integrations

Landbot's chatbot builder equips your medical chatbot with means to collect, track, update and retrieve patient data as well as curate information and fulfill actions such as booking appointments or paying bills.

All without writing a single line of code.

Google Analytics
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Set up action triggers inside automated conversations to send direct notifications from Landbot to your medical staff instantly and effortlessly (e.g. new patient signup, urgent case trigger, etc.)
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Combine safety with comfort and convenience. Implement Stripe and let your customers complete their purchases without ever having to leave the conversation.
twilio integration
Keep your patients and staff informed about key actions in real-time conversations. Use the “Send an Email” function to send notifications directly from Landbot without delay. 
mailchimp logo
Use Landbot’s simple MailChimp integration to update your mailing lists with newly collected email addresses and other customer data in an instant. 
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Connect your chatbot conversations with SalesForce to update customer profiles with personal, medical and purchase data in real-time to prevent errors. 
google analytics logo
Get to know your patients/customers by integrating your bot with Google Analytics. Collect key demographic and behavioral data to improve your services and care. 
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Connect your medical bot with Google SpreadSheets to automatically gather, update and retrieve data in course of a conversation to provide personalized care at a minimal cost.
dialogflow logo
Use a visual no-code interface to build AI chatbots driven by natural language processing. Train the bot in Dialogflow and connect with the Landbot builder interface with a click.
zapier logo
No matter what tool you use to manage and drive your online business, Zapier integrations allow you to link your bots to any of the 1000 apps and tools available in its extensive database. 

Top Healthcare Chatbot Use Cases

We see more and more chatbots in the healthcare industry, not just on the web but also messaging apps. Their popularity is not driven solely by their ability to adapt to a variety of channels but also their agility when it comes to diverse situations and actions. 

✔ Streamlined Live Chat

Use bots to provide initial assistance over one-on-one conversations - screen queries, solve the simple ones and expedite the more complex to relevant staff saving time and resources.

✔ 24/7 Support

Provide instantaneous support 24/7 wherever your patients are. Leverage chatbots to answer medical FAQs and provide information about medications, medical conditions, and treatments.

✔ Location Finder

You can leverage chatbots to help your customers find the site of the nearest pharmacy, doctor’s office or health center with specific service based on their real-time location.

✔ Health Params Tracker

Intelligent healthcare chatbots can be leveraged to track patients‘ health parameters like blood pressure, body weight, menstrual cycle, side effects, etc. in a convenient & unintrusive manner. 

✔ Medication Reminder

Healthcare professionals can ensure patients are taking their medication regularly and on time by using a medical bot to send them friendly notifications. 

✔ Appointment Setup

Use automated online or mobile conversations to allow your patients to book appointments, consultations, workshops, seminars, and other health services without hassle. 

✔ Meeting/Checkup Reminders

Eliminate no-shows and increase attendance by sending reminders and confirmation requests about upcoming consultations, checkups, and meetings.

✔ Feedback Collector

Collect ideas for improvement and increase the trustworthiness of your organization. Transform the usual online form into a conversation and collect patients’ feedback in a way that feels natural. 

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