eCommerce Chatbot: The Power of Personalization

eCommerce Chatbot: The Power of Personalization

Capture leads, provide instant support and streamline customer journeys while cementing loyalty with convenience and personalization.


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Why Choose Chatbot for eCommerce?

A chatbot for eCommerce website and/or mobile messaging apps can help you drive sales, personalize experiences and increase retention rates. All thanks to features only a chatbot can offer:

ecommerce chatbot human approach

Human-like Approach

Chatbots can enrich and personalize digital shopping experiences with an omnipresent human touch and instantaneous nature of a conversational back-and-forth.

ecommerce chatbot support

Extended & Active Support

Building a bot can hugely improve the quality of your customer service in a way FAQ pages often fail as the experience is close to speaking with a human agent but available 24/7.

ecommerce chatbot engagement

Increased Engagement

eCommerce chatbots keep users effectively engaged through interaction. It can help users discover new products, offers, and functionalities in a non-salesy conversational manner.

ecommerce chatbot interaction

Short & Simple Interactions

In a busy world where attention is scarce, chatbots provide information and support via short and simple interactions, keeping up with the need for immediate satisfaction.

ecommerce chatbot capabilities

eCommerce Omni-Capabilities

eCommerce chatbots are here to converse and interact seamlessly across multiple digital channels while retaining data and context for a smooth UX and better customer support.

ecommerce chatbot integrations

Integration Powers

There is virtually nothing you can’t do with a conversational commerce bot thanks to the fact you can integrate your chatbot with any tool from your CRMs to payment software.

How Can Landbot Features Help You Transform Your Online Store?

Landbot no-code builder enables you to design the experiences mentioned above in a matter of clicks. All thanks to its friendly feature-rich no-code approach to chatbot building. 

Intuitive Drag-n-Drop Interface

Create tailored high-conversion chatbots in minutes using our drag-n-drop interface.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Rich Responses & Media

Spice up the conversation with images, gifs, videos, buttons, carousels & more.

3rd-Party Integrations for Better Tracking

Integrate a variety of 3rd-party tools to improve your existing or create new workflows.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Data Organization with Variables

Set customized variables to collect and organize shopper data in real-time.

Hyper-Personalization with Conditional Logic

Make logic jumps based on a response or a combination of responses in real-time.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Natural Language Processing with Dialogflow 

Keep the simplicity of the Landbot interface and NLP capabilities of Dialogflow. 

Predesigned Templates

Leverage our pre-designed bot templates (e.g. event signup) to create bots in minutes.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Easy Publication & Sharing 

Embed, publish & share your conversational health chatbots in seconds, without coding. 

Discover Empowering eCommerce Chatbot Integrations

Integrations help turn conversations into potent sales and data collection tools. Landbot chatbot platform allows you to equip your eCommerce store bot with means to collect, track, update and retrieve customer data, fulfill actions and close sales without writing a single line of code.

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Set up action triggers inside conversation flows to send direct notifications from Landbot to your staff instantly and effortlessly (e.g. new potential student; course sign up; processed payment,etc..)
stripe logo
Combine safety with comfort and convenience. Implement Stripe and let your customers complete their purchases without ever having to leave the conversation using a tool that inspires trust. 
twilio integration
Keep your leads, customers, as well as your team, informed about key actions taking place during the automated conversations. Use the “Send an Email” function to send notifications directly from Landbot in real time. 
mailchimp logo
Use MailChimp integration to build and upgrade your mailing lists with newly collected emails and other client data in an instant. With Landbot builder, all it takes is a click of a button. 
salesforce logo
Using Salesforce to manage your customer base? Connect your CRM with your banking chatbot assistant and update customer profiles with new information in real-time to leave no margin for error. 
google analytics logo
Collect key demographic and behavioral data to improve your services and identify new sales opportunities, by integrating your financial chatbot with Google Analytics. 
google sheets logo
Connect your chatbot with Google Sheets to automatically gather, update and retrieve data in course of a conversation to provide personalized service at a minimal cost.
dialogflow logo
If rule-based bots are not enough to meet client needs, use the same no-code builder to create a chatbot driven by AI & natural language processing. Train it in Dialogflow and connect with Landbot with a click.
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No matter what tool you use to manage and drive your financial organization, Zapier integration allows you to link your bots to any of the 1000 apps and software tools available in its varied database. 

Top eCommerce Chatbot Use Cases

Chatbot for eCommerce website, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is a powerful tool and not only for its omnichannel presence. It can be inserted into any stage of customer journey driving engagement, sales, and customer satisfaction. 

✔ Streamlined Live Chat

Use bots pre-screen user queries, solve the simple ones and delegate the more complex to appropriate agents saving time and resources of your human team.  

✔ 24/7 Support Anywhere

Provide instantaneous support 24/7 wherever your customers are. Leverage chatbots to answer FAQs, provide pre-purchase assistance and post-sale support on the web or mobile.

✔ Product Recommendation

Turn your eCommerce chatbot into a salesman. Answer specific requests instantly or trigger conversational product lifecycle offers based on client purchase history. 

✔ Product Launch

Build anticipation and hype for your upcoming product release with help of a personality-driven conversational assistant. Let bot manage alert sign-ups, product info, and even reservations.

✔ Shopping Cart & Check-Out 

Use an eCommerce bot to not only find specific products but also keep track of selected items and seal the deal. Let your customers select products and pay without ever leaving the chat!

✔ Shipping Updates

Shipping is a pain point for many online shoppers. Keep your clients calm and in control by using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger bot to keep them in the loop on shipping & delivery.

✔ Transaction Confirmations & Invoices

Looking to simplify and streamline the entire extent of the customer journey? Let your chatbot deliver shoppers their transaction information, best on an encrypted channel like WhatsApp.

✔ Feedback Collector

Nobody buys anything online without checking the reviews. To up your chances, turn the online form into a conversation and let users submit feedback in a way that feels natural.

Create Conversational Experiences at Scale anywhere/anytime

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