Chatbot Building Platform For Agencies & Freelancers

Chatbot Building Platform For Agencies & Freelancers

Set your clients up for success with conversational solutions that convert. Design, implement and deploy sophisticated chatbot-driven campaigns. Without coding.


Empowering +50,000 businesses creating memorable experiences

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What Makes Landbot the Best Chatbot Building Platform
For Agencies & Freelancers?

Landbot gives you the tools you need to differentiate from your competitors, expand your services with trending solutions and increase client retention.

Manage Multiple Projects with Workspaces

Juggle multiple projects at once with an organized intuitive dashboard. 

Build Bots like Lego with a Unique GUI

Create high-impact conversational solutions with ease using our drag-n-drop interface.

Design Once & Reuse without Limits with Bricks

Design, save & reuse key sections of the flow in other bots for faster & organized implementation.

Streamline Workflow with Pre-Built Templates

Leverage tens of case-specific pre-designed bots to streamline production.
Deploy conversational experiences in a matter of minutes.

Easily Collaborate & Share Progress with Your Team and Clients

Leave notes inside the builder, export flows, and provide analytics with ease.

Collect Data Intelligently Using Code-free NLP

Leverage Dialogflow’s NLP to retrieve structured data from the user’s natural inputs.

Integrate Bots with Tools Your Clients Already Use

Implement and activate digital tool integrations with just a few clicks.
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Publish Web Bots in Seconds in 4 Different Formats

Automatically generate code to publish bots as live chat, pop-up, embed or landing page.

Offer the Only No-Code WhatsApp Solution on the Market

Impress your clients with the easiest way to manage WhatsApp campaigns and bots.
Customize chatbot integrations based on client needs and preferences!

Integrations that Keep Your Clients Happy

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Set up action triggers and send direct notifications from Landbot to the most popular internal communication tool on the market. 
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Gather email addresses and instantly send them to any specific mailing list on your clients’ accounts without coding.
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Help your clients drive sales through automated conversations by enabling them to receive and send payments via their chatbots. 
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Connect chatbots you create with Google Analytics to generate in-depth reports about bot-user behavior for your clients. 
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Integrate your chatbots with one of the most sophisticated CRM solutions on the market gathering lead information in real-time.
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Implement Dialogflow to build AI NLP-based chatbots with the advantage of a visual interface typical for rule-based bots
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Automatically collect, update and extract data in real-time during on-going conversations in a format your clients are familiar with.
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Integrate Zapier to link your bots to any of the 1000 apps and tools available, personalizing each bot to clients’ preferences. 
twilio integration
Use “Send an Email” function to send notifications to your team, client or bot users directly from Landbot without delay. 

Why Offer Chatbot Marketing to your Marketing Agency Clients?

Explore all the possibilities the most popular messaging app gives you.
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Connect Clients to Customers

Connect client brands with end-users on the most popular instant messaging app in the world.

Gain More Leads for Clients

Generate, nurture and convert with better engagement, less friction, and instant attention.

Drive Quality Traffic for Clients

Send notifications, news, and promos via WhatsApp with above-average message open rates.

Boost ROI of Client Campaigns

Automate sign-ups, bookings, and reservations by minimizing key information requests.

Why Choose Landbot for your Digital Marketing Agency?

✔ Differentiate from and gain an advantage against your competitors

✔ Expand your service offering with high-demand options

✔ State-of-the-art solutions with minimal increase in production costs

✔ Increase client retention through transparent collaboration & better results

Create Conversational Experiences at Scale anywhere/anytime

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