Landbot Workspaces: Organize Your Dashboard to Manage Multiple Projects!

Barbora Jassova
Editorial Manager, Landbot
Illustrator: Jana Pérez
landbot workspaces
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We asked you, our customers, about your Landbot experience and, more importantly, what could make it better. You flooded us with positive feedback which made us feel warm, fuzzy and motivated.


You also gave us great ideas which could improve your experience even further. One of the loudest resonating suggestions was to create a dashboard that would allow you to manage and organize chatbots in folders with adjustable access permissions.  

So, we are proud to present 🎉 Landbot Workspaces 🎉

What are Workspaces all about?

Our new Workspaces are specifically designed to:

  • Create a friendlier organizational environment for agencies and companies managing multiple projects for various clients.
  • Ease bot creation process by introducing new, improved bot templates


🗂 Within the new dashboard, you will be able to create as many digital folders (Workspaces) as you need to manage a particular chatbot or a group of chatbots.


👏 You can rename and/or delete each Workspace as necessary!


💁‍♀️ Within each workspace, you can manage the individual chatbots as before (Copy, Edit, Remane, Delete) as well as move them from one workspace to another.


👍 You can filter your Workspaces by creation date, name, etc.


😍 The new dashboard comes with a selection of improved templates for the most common chatbot uses.


👀 Plus, before you decide for a template, you are able to preview and test it in desktop, tablet, and mobile formats.

Coming Soon...

This is not all we have in mind for Workspaces!We are working to develop sophisticated access permissions to allow you menange project members per folder!Keep your eyes on the blog for updates!

Posted on
June 17, 2019
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