Top 7 FAQs Answered by the Landbot Support Team

Illustrator: Simone Virgini
landbot most common queries

The support team is the main point of contact between the users and the company. It’s an essential part of any business, and the quality of the service has a direct impact on the bottom line. It’s a job that poses quite a bit of pressure, also learning opportunities and challenges that make it worthwhile. 

While many queries pose challenges, every customer team on the planet has to deal with the few “core” queries almost every customer asks. 

And so, I’ve decided to put together a list of the most common questions our Landbot team answers almost daily. I hope that it’ll help you master Landbot faster 😉

Who Are We? The Landbot Support Team 

We are a diverse group of employees with different abilities and skills. Most importantly, we are always willing to learn, research and test the platform to share new knowledge and workarounds between Landbot users and our colleagues.

In my opinion, this is what makes our customer team exceptional. The drive to offer something better and find the most helpful solution never stops. Not all support teams are so set on the pursuit of creativity and innovation.

I enjoy being part of the team and working with people ready to launch into innovative projects like our Community and incessantly create content for our Knowledge Base. 

Each of us enjoys being the spokespersons (messengers) of platform improvements and alternative solutions to user problems. 

And this article is my bit of effort to put you on the right “bot-maker” straight from the beginning.

What are the Most Common Queries our Support Team Has to Answer on a Daily Basis?

We usually receive many different questions and queries every day. 

But, I have compiled a list of Landbot’s most common queries that every person on our team can answer pretty much by heart.

Let 's start! 

1. Is it Possible to Have a Landbot Chat in Different Languages? 

We'd love you to have a bot in the language you prefer. 

That's why you can build bots in any language, use special characters, write in "right to left" (RTL) format, or even Customize the System Messages if needed. You might not see these changes in the builder flow, but they will be visible in the chat. 

In addition, if you want to redirect users based on language input, you can use DeepL. A language-translation tool that allows you to use their free API for translations.

Just keep in mind that the Custom System Messages will not change according to the language of the bot flow. 

For example, if you create a bot with Spanish and English flows and the Custom System Messages are in English, they will stay in that language although the user selects Spanish. 

lndbot custom system messages

custom system messages

2. Is it Possible to Customize the Bot Design? 

What a nice one! 

Of course, it is possible.

Our Design Section located in the top navigation bar inside the builder allows you to choose between a pre-designed template, or edit the colors, the background, font, header, bubble launcher icon, message bubbles, buttons,  and forms, avatar, elements, styles, and scripts, on your own!

chatbot designer
landbot design templates

3. What is a Seat Exactly? 

As you may have noticed, each Landbot account allows you to add multiple seats. 

Let me explain with an example! 

Imagine you have two agents in your customer service team. Your company is growing, so you decide to hire another agent that would be a Teammate or Seat in Landbot's parlance. By adding a new seat to your account, you allow your new agent to join the existing Landbot account with their login details. This way, the employee can participate in bot creation or live chat support.

By the way, Landbot also enables you to set specific Roles and Permissions for your Teammates to manage the power of each one.

BTW: This is my favorite question! 😁

4. How Can I Test my Web Bot?

Testing your bot (beyond preview) is really easy!

share bot with a link

With the ”Share with a link” that you will find in the Share Section, you can open your creation using an automatically generated URL. Here, you can test the flow and all the integrations of your bot without revealing the bot to your customers.

If you don’t plan on embedding your bot on your website, you can use this link as your final chatbot link and share it on social media or link it to a button on your website.

5. How Can I Test My WhatsApp Bot?

Easy peasy! 

To test your WhatsApp bot and experience the official API integration, use our WhatsApp Testing Channel. Take into account that the phone number you add will be the one to send and receive messages. 

whatsaoo testing

6. Is it Possible to Test My Messenger Bot? 

Yes, you can preview your Messenger bot as if you were the end user by creating a Messenger channel before realizing it. 

The logic of it is simple! 

Create a Testing Facebook Page on our Facebook account, a blank page only used for testing, and connect your bot to it first to check the interactions!

7. How Can I Embed My Bot on My Website?  

Landbot makes this pretty easy.

You have to go to the share section and select how do you want your Landbot to display: 

web chatbot formats

Next, to embed your bot on your website, copy and paste the automatically generated HTML snippet into the body section of your website:

chabot website embed

If your website is either on WordPress or Webflow, we even prepared short video tutorials to help with the embed: 

Here is how you embed a chatbot on WordPress:

And how you do the embed on Webflow:

To Sum It All Up

If you got this far, it means that you have learned quite a bit and - hopefully - found answers to some of your questions. 

However, if you have a different doubt, never hesitate to reach out to us at help@landbot.io.