Interview with Our CEO, Jiaqi Pan, by Website Planet!

Illustrator: Jana Pérez
jiaqi pan interview

Website Planet, a well-established platform where you can find all you need on how to build and market a website, interviewed our CEO, Jiaqi Pan. Check out the interview and learn more about Landbot's origins, direction, and values.

Please describe the company background and its achievements so far...

We started 4 years ago with a completely different business model. We focused on end customers, helping them to get things done by ordering food, and buying things online in the form of a concierge service. Everything went through our system in a conversational way. So we had a lot of agents communicating with customers, and that’s when we realized we needed to build a more efficient way to engage with customers. We started using different technologies to help our operation become more efficient. Over time, the concierge service wasn’t going so well, but we realized that the technology itself was very interesting for other businesses.

So we changed our business model into a SaaS model. We help other businesses to automate their customer communication. Today, we work with 50,000 businesses all around the world, from small startups to big brands like Uber, LG, and Loreal. There’s a very wide range of businesses that use our solution.

What are the core features of Landbot?

We are a communication automation platform. We help automate the interaction with customers throughout their customer lifecycle.

Normally people use Landbot for marketing and lead generation campaigns, promoting products or services, and customer service. What it comes down to is you don’t need to have a human agent to answer all of the customer’s questions.

One of the core features of Landbot is what we call the No-code block builder. Essentially, this is the solution people need in order to define what sequence they want to automate during the interaction with the customer, and the bot will perform those sequences.

Landbot is a visual drag & drop interface. You can easily define different types of actions that the bot can perform, no coding experience necessary.

We made it very easy to connect with external systems like Slack, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Google sheets, and others. These types of solutions that businesses typically use in their workflow can be integrated with the bot so the data that the bot is collecting can be routed back into their internal systems.

What are the most fundamental factors that marketers should consider when automating customer service?

We have a framework we call the 4C’s- customer, content, context, and channel. These are the four main factors a business should take into account when doing communication automation. I will briefly go through all of them...