Builder 3.0: Introducing Bricks


Perhaps the most potent update of our chatbot building platform is the Bricks functionality. In essence, bricks are groups of blocks designed to simplify and declutter complex flows.

Furthermore, every brick you create can be repurposed in other bots. In other words, Bricks allow you to build and save the most applied bits of dialogue flows and “plug them in” whenever necessary. It’s particularly handy if the block cluster includes more complex interactions such as webhooks or conditional logic. There are three different ways to create and incorporate Bricks into your flow:

1. Turn Existing Blocks into Brick

If you decide to convert a particular sequence in your flow into a brick, all you need to do is "tick" the blocks you want to include and click "Create Brick" at the top. The blocks will transform automatically and you will be able to find your creation in your personal brick database.

2. Create a Brick from Scratch

Alternatively, you can simply drag the green arrow and select the "Brick" function. Next, you simply need to enter the brick and create the flow.

3. Use a Pre-Designed Brick Template

Last but not least, you can take advantage of the pre-designed brick templates available in the Landbot app:

  • Open the sidebar menu on the left
  • Select Bricks feature
  • Search & Select for the brick template
  • Connect the brick with your flow and apply modifications if necessary