Getting website traffic is the first step in growing your lead list. But getting 100,000 visitors isn’t good if the traffic isn’t qualified.

Traffic for the sake of traffic is a waste of time. Most of them will bounce because what you have to offer isn’t something they want to buy.

To get the right leads from the right traffic, don’t waste your time.

Don’t set up remarketing campaigns that cost you for every single click when the majority have no intention to buy.

The first thing you should look to do is qualify customers that come to your website.

And here I will show you exactly how you can do that.

Let’s get started.

The Form Fallacy: Why They Fail

Forms are one of the most common way that businesses and websites will qualify website traffic.

I’m sure you have seen it before when trying to access content:

The problem with forms is three-fold:

  1. Too short of form requirements, as in just email and names, isn’t enough to qualify someone. How big is their budget? What is their role in the business? Etc. You have no idea!
  2. Too long of form requirements and nobody will take the time to fill them out, giving you zero leads.
  3. Forms don’t provide instant communication to give users the info they need.

Studies are constantly showing that you don’t need forms to qualify users and grow your business. (See: year without forms.)

Basic forms can’t qualify users with enough specificity and detailed forms shrink your potential of capturing leads to almost nothing. It’s been shown that less form fields = better conversion rates. But less form fields = less specific = less qualifying.

This leads to the same, stale marketing tactics where you are only converting 1-3% of your leads.

And it all stems from forms that failed to properly qualify your traffic!

Instead, you should be using chatbots and conversational marketing to qualify them.

Why? Because it’s a natural, real conversation that’s easy to engage with. Not a boring form that feels like an information snatch and grab.

Here is how.

Create a Lead Qualifying Chatbot With Conversational Marketing

Before we dive into creating an actual lead qualifying chatbot using conversational marketing, let’s go over what conversational marketing is.

Simply put, conversational marketing treats each customer as their own market. It focuses on 1 to 1 communication with a prospect in which you ask them questions about their goals, attributes, and demographics to understand their needs and pain points.

Sounds good? Good.

Conversational marketing is the bread and butter of chatbots because you are engaging directly with a customer in the most natural form.

Here is a chatbot using conversational marketing tactics we developed at Landbot to qualify customers. First, the customer gets asked their name:

After learning the name, the chatbot will ask them what company they work for or a project name they are using Landbot for:

This again serves to qualify the user. Learning about their business can help you understand what they are looking for and if your product can be the right fit.

This is critical for marketing copy and developing a value proposition that resonates with your customers!

If you know their pain points and desired outcomes, you can easily pitch your product or service as the solution.

Ready to get your chatbot going? Using Landbot, you can set up a lead qualifying chatbot in just minutes.

Step 1. List out your qualifying questions

Before creating the chatbot step by step, you need to list out the questions that you will input into the chatbot.

List out your qualifying questions. Here are qualifying questions to ask:

  • What company or project name do you plan to use [your tool / service] for?
  • What is the size of your company?
  • What role do you work in? I.e, marketing, sales, etc.
  • What do you hope [tool name or service] will solve?

These are just a few examples of lead qualifying questions you might want to ask. Of course, you can and should expand on them depending on what key questions your sales team asks of leads.

Now, let’s develop the chatbot.

Step 2. Create your lead qualifying chatbot in minutes

To get started creating your chatbot, head to the Landbot homepage and click “Sign Up” or “Yes! Create my bot.”

Create your free Landbot account and head to the dashboard. Here you can select from templates that Landbot has already developed, or create one from scratch for API, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger:

A quicker method to getting your chatbot running is selecting the “Lead Generation” chatbot template:

Upon selecting the lead generation chatbot, you will be directed into the builder. Start at the beginning and you can customize the welcome message that users see when they engage with your chatbot.

Dragging the green arrows will impact the next step in the sequence.

Our pre-built lead generation chatbot has built-in qualification questions for you, like asking for email, name, and company information:

Want to change any of these questions or add new ones? Simply adjust the text on any of the current sequences in the chatbot or add a new question box from the left-hand side:

If you want to add a new lead qualifying question, you can also drag a green arrow from a existing part of the chatbot:

Drag that green button and you can then select the block type to connect it to:

It’s that easy to create a lead qualifying chatbot.

The next step is to save your chatbot and utilize it on your website to qualify every visitor! To do this, navigate to the “Share” section, and select to embed the qualifying bot on your homepage.

That’s it!

Now you can qualify visitors that land on your website with ease, eliminating wasted time and ad spend.

Want to learn how to create other chatbots in minutes? Check out our guide here.


Lead qualification is critical to building contact lists that you can drive sales with.

But most people wait far too long to qualify leads. They will attract traffic, remarket them with dozens of ads and wonder why they get lower conversion rates.

The problem is almost always a lack of qualification.

And it can cost you big time with remarketing spend.

Forms aren’t performing (pun intended) like they used to.

Instead, qualify your site traffic with chatbots and conversational marketing.

Forms can only get you so far, and remarketing is expensive. Conversational marketing is the future and the easiest way to qualify traffic.

Ready to create your chatbot? Get started here.