How We Built a Lead Qualification & FAQ Bot to Streamline Recruitment for ESCP Business School

Illustrator: Laura Liedo
Landbot bot building service

We work hard to make Landbot no-code bot builder as approachable and easy to use as possible. It’s always a moment of pride to see a client jump into bot-building like they’ve been at it for years. Yet, there are times when no ease of usability will lighten the urgency for instant expertise. 

Hence, to accommodate for such needs, we decided to launch an internal bot-building service

After all, who knows Landbot better than the Landbotters who built it?

In this article, I share one of the first cases we had the pleasure to help solve, a student recruitment workflow for ESCP University.

What the Customer Needed

ESCP Business School is the world’s first business school. Established in 1819, it has six urban campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw. It is consistently ranked among the best business schools in Europe. The Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme is currently ranked #1 for the second consecutive year by Le Parisien. The programme was rated highly for Selectivity, International Openness and Professional Integration.

The Business School was looking to move away from the traditional “landing page with a form” setup to a more conversational and interactive solution for the applications opening in September/October for the upcoming high school/GCSE graduates.

The online form they used initially to gather lead information—which in this case are students (or their parents) who are interested in applying for one of their courses—presented several pain points: 

  • It has been collecting a large number of unqualified leads;
  • Recruiters were a lot of time answering simple questions that could easily be found online;
  • The form did not allow leads to schedule calls with the recruitment team directly.

These reasons led ESCP Business School to reach out to Landbot. They wanted to create two chatbots, one to answer FAQs and another to get lead information and schedule an appointment with a recruiter.

What We Did to Help (The Workings of the Bot-Building Service)

To start, like with any other Bot-Building-Service (BBS) project, we sent ESPC our initial screening document.

Initial Screening

This document is to be filled out by any client interested in the BBS. It gives us a better understanding of the project’s scope and should include an outline of the content to be used in the bot. It is important to note that bot content, such as language and text to be used in the bot is to be provided by the client. 

We use this document for two key reasons

  • To fully understand the needs of the project and assess its viability while making recommendations on how we think would be the best way to build it based on our experience;
  • To assess the internal cost of the project and send a quote.

So this is how it all started!

We got on a video call with the Bachelor in Management Team at ESCP and their marketing agency for a brainstorming session to gather ideas on how to move forward with their project.

In the end, we concluded that the best approach would be to create one unique bot that could do both, solve the lead’s FAQs and gather their information at the same time.

Flow Design

Once the project scope was fully defined and understood, one of our expert “bot builders” was assigned to the project and started building the bot journey immediately.

One of the critical elements of a well-built chatbot is organization. It conditions your ability to maintain the flow and execute updates efficiently.

bot building service landbot
Chatbot flow overview

So, our journey proposal made use of organizing Bricks in order to make identifying particular parts of the flow simple for anyone.

The flow we designed followed this path: 

  • A user enters the landing page;
  • Initiates the bot;
  • Bot asks what the user needs help with today (general FAQ questions)
  • If it’s the first time the user interacts with the bot, it will ask them for onboarding information to continue (name, email, student or parent, graduation date…);
Onboarding journey
  • If the user has previously given that information, the bot will recognize them and not ask the same qualifying questions again to avoid friction;
Condition redirecting to onboarding journey if the user is not identified
  1. The bot moves on to provide solutions to the FAQ option selected by the user, such as video tutorials of how to send your application, fee structures, or booking a call with a recruiter;
  2. If the lead chooses to book a call with a recruiter, it leads them to a Calendly modal linked to the ESCP Calendly. The Calendly chatbot integration we set up allows the user to easily book a meeting with a recruiter without leaving the page. All the information collected by the bot is directly filled out in the Calendly information fields.
calendly integration
Calendly integration

Feedback & Final Edits

Once the journey design was complete, we sent the first draft to the ESCP team to review. Then, we organized a feedback call (one feedback call is included for free in the BBS, but more can be added at an extra cost). 

During the call, ESCP provided us with feedback about the first draft which they liked but wanted a few things changed and edited. Having gathered all the information about the changes, our bot builder assigned to the project made the necessary edits.

Conversational landing page (user view)

Chatbot Flow Handover

After that, we shared the final product with ESCP by email and organized a final delivery call which generally serves the following purposes:

  • Share the final result of the project for a final review;
  • Handoff the project to the client;
  • Explain next steps and how to edit the bot if need be (At this point, the client becomes the bot’s owner, so any other changes need to be applied by them).

The call session is recorded and sent to each client in case they need to go back to it.

Once the project is handed off—unless priority support is agreed upon in the proposal—if the client needs help, they will be able to contact our support team by chat within the Landbot app or by sending an email to help@landbot.io.

Interested in Bot Building Service?

If this project grabbed your attention or you find yourself in a similar need of instant expertise without time to spare, you can take advantage of the service yourself. Simply get in touch with our sales team at sales@landbot.io

On the other hand, if your needs are not that complex, yet speed is still of the essence, you can always check out our many available chatbot templates!