Chatbot Platform for your Lead Generation Strategies.

Create lead generation strategies that engage and convert. Build personalized conversational chatbots for the ultimate user experience. With Landbot, it’s easy, beautiful and FREE.

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Chatbot Platform for your Lead Generation Strategies.

Forget about the IT guy.

Create lead generation forms and integrate them with the tools you already use in just a few clicks. Engage potential customers, score leads, condition the messaging depending on the visitor’s choices using a beautiful, user-friendly editor. Send the information straight to your CRM without a single line of code.

Find out what works, and fix what doesn’t.

Take your data-scientist-hat off and analyze conversions step-by-step at a glance. Conversational websites, landing pages or forms let you make decisions based on real-time performance & customer journey flow. Push changes and improve your conversion rates with a couple of clicks.

Fun and simple on the outside, rich and powerful on the inside.

Imagine scoring and generating leads by guiding them through several different forms based on their answers! Landbot lets you create complex conversational chatbots using your simpler pre-set forms. Put your Landbots together like Lego bricks! It has never been easier or quicker to cover every step of your conversion funnel.


Power in Simplicity

Different formats

Choose your format and embed it: conversational landing page, widget, live chat or pop up


Personalize your bot with your brand identity

Tracking & Optimization

Analyze your flow and get the data to improve your conversion rate

Smarter forms

Implement complex flow with dynamic information

Seamless integrations

Integrate Landbot with the tools you already use


Create chatbots for website, WhatsApp, Messenger or your application


Find the plan that’s right for you

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βœ“ 100 chats/mo
βœ“ 30 blocks/bot
βœ“ Web embedding
βœ“ Zapier integration
βœ“ Slack integration
βœ“ Analytics dashboard
βœ“ Human take over

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$ 30 /mo

All of Sandbox plus:
βœ“ Unlimited chats & blocks
βœ“ Mailchimp integration
βœ“ FB Messenger integration
βœ“ A/B test split
βœ“ Hidden fields
βœ“ Stripe integration



$ 500 / mo

All of Professional plus:
βœ“ WhatsApp integration
βœ“ Priority support
βœ“ Onboarding + Training

See it in action

+1M Monthly Conversations

Witness the power of our no-coded, fully customizable chatbot that lives on your website and talks to your visitors πŸ’¬πŸ˜»πŸ€–

+1M Monthly Conversations
+1M Monthly Conversations
+1M Monthly Conversations
+1M Monthly Conversations
+1M Monthly Conversations

Start engaging and converting your users today!


What is Landbot? πŸ€–

Landbot is a conversational interface that lives on your website. It talks to your visitors, boosts their engagement and drives conversion.

It fits anywhere as it comes in four formats – full-page, live chat, banner or pop-up – and the design customization possibilities are endless.

Oh, it also requires zero coding and lets you get started for free!

What is Landbot for? πŸ‘€

Landbot was created to automate and outperform your current Lead Generation, Sales, Surveying and Customer Support processes.

Use landbot to build:

    • Landing Pages
    • Contact forms
    • Registration forms
    • Lead capture forms
    • Call to actions
    • Qualifying questions forms
    • Product Recommendation engines
    • Surveys
    • Interactive blog posts
    • Quizzes & Tests
    • Job application forms
    • Self-service Customer Support
    • Conversations

Since it collects every single interaction with your visitors, it’s able to bring contextualized content in real-time thanks to its powerful integrations.

Forget about static, boring web forms and say β€˜hello’ to a new way of interacting with your users.

Who is Landbot for? 🧐

Landbot is the perfect lead generation tool for projects and companies that want to take a step further in regards to conversion, bringing in new interaction models where visitors are the cornerstone.

Marketers, founders, executives, CX managers and CRO experts will find in these Conversational Experiences their perfect ally to crush their KPIs.


How much coding knowledge is required to use Landbot? πŸ› 

Zero! Building a landbot is as easy as dragging and dropping blocks, typing in messages and questions and connecting them with lines. Take advantage of our conversational interface builder and design templates to have your landbot setup in minutes!

We provide you with the code and link you’ll need to embed or share your landbots (learn more), and it’s super easy to view and export your data.

But, if you like coding, take advantage of our Dev tools to customize your landbot, add extra functionalities to it or natively integrate it with any system!Β Learn more.

Without the hassle of natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and complex machine learning, Landbot allows you to built conversational user interfaces instantly, without any necessity for programming knowledge.

Can I embed landbot into my website? πŸ–₯

Sure thing! You can embed landbot conversational interface on any website by just inserting an HTML snippet. You can choose between three different formats: full-page, banner and widget.Β HereΒ further info.

What kind of support does Landbot provide? β›‘

Despite Landbot chatbot builder being very easy to use, we offer a wide variety of resources to help you make the most out of this incredible conversational lead generation tool.

Whether you prefer to read, listen or watch, we got you covered. Our resources include:

  • Simple app orientation guide upon your first sign upΒ 
  • Support database describing and explaining each available feature for building conversational interfaces
  • Webinars Expert articles on marketing and lead generation
  • Newsletter with feature updates and new publications
  • One-on-one customer support via email or live chat
  • FB community support

Landbot cares about the success of all its customers. Hence, we not only try to provide support but also tips and learning materials to help you achieve the best possible results.

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