Real Estate Chatbots: Automation with Human Face

Qualify leads, provide instant responses, automate personalized offers, conveniently, wherever and whenever your customers are.

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Why Choose Real Estate Chatbot?

The real estate industry is one of those where communication plays a crucial role. However, not every person who contacts a real estate business is a qualified lead that will buy a flat. Hence, many real estate agents waste their time responding to the same questions from leads who will never return to sign a contract. Here is where real estate bot can come to the rescue.

real estate chatbot leads

Improved Leads Qualification

Bots for real estate can qualify your potential leads by scoring them in real-time and transfer the hottest leads to real estate agents instantly and this improving conversion rate.

real estate chatbot online support

Extended Online Support

Real estate chatbots can provide your leads with information outside of working hours. They can answer up to 80% of routine questions and free your agents for more important tasks. 

real estate chatbot capabilities

Real Estate Omni-Capabilities

Chatbots have the ability to converse seamlessly across multiple digital channels while retaining data and context for smooth customer service and user experience.

real estate chatbot integrations

Integration Powers

Integrate your real estate chatbot with your listings database, CRM and more to automate data collection and communication across the customer journey in highly effective ways.

real estate chatbot offers

Personalized Offers

The demands on property type among clients vary. Bots can, through a series of interactive questions, come up with more relevant and customized offers on the spot.

real estate chatbot responses

Immediate Responses

A chatbot for real estate agents can answer the lead’s queries immediately via a website, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger reducing costs and client waiting times.

Why Choose Landbot for Your Real Estate Chatbot?

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface

Build conversational flows that convert in minutes using Landbot’s drag-and-drop interface.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Rich Media & Quick Responses

Improve the CX of the conversations with videos, images, gifs, buttons, carousels & more.

Data Collection through Variables

Use pre-sed or create your own variables to collect, organize and export client or property data.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Natural Language Processing with Dialogflow

Enjoy the NLP capabilities of Dialogflow without losing the simplicity of the Landbot interface.

Conditional Logic for Hyper-Personalization

Design logic jumps based on user response or a combination of responses in real-time.  
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Effortless 3rd-Party Integrations

Enrich your bot with 3rd-party tools like CRM to improve your existing workflows.

Predesigned Templates

Leverage our pre-designed bot templates (e.g. event signup) to create bots in minutes.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Smooth ChatBot-to-Agent Handoff

Use a real estate chatbot to screen queries/leads and pass them to the right agent instantly.

Integrations to Help You Stay Connected & in Control

3rd-party integrations turn conversations into powerful sales and data collection tools.

Landbot's chatbot builder equips your Real Estate business bot with means to gather, track, update and retrieve client data as well as fulfill actions and close sales. 

Without coding.

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Top Real Estate Chatbot Use Cases

Chatbot for real estate agents is a powerful tool and not only for its multichannel capabilities. It can be inserted into any stage of the client journey from lead qualification to post-sale support for both buyers and sellers. 

✔ Lead Generation/Qualification

Engage with all potential offline or online leads when it’s convenient to them, and let the bot converse to collect the necessary information to qualify them instantly. 

✔ Bot + Agent Live Chat Support

Use real estate chatbots pre-screen client queries, solve the simple ones and transfer the more complex to appropriate agents saving both the time and resources of your team.  

✔ 24/7 Buyer Support

Design a bot to help potential buyers find available properties that match their requirements, answer property questions and gain more info about rental and purchase processes.

✔ 24/7 Seller Support

Leverage bots for real estate by providing support to potential sellers. Train bots to answer their FAQs as well as collect property information, photos, and videos as part of the conversation.

✔ Automated Scheduling

When your chatbot qualifies the lead as a potential buyer, one can schedule a meeting with an agent or a home tour via chatbot automatically, checking agent availability through integrations.

✔ Automated Confirmation Request

Chatbot for real estate agents can help save time by messaging leads scheduled for viewing as a reminder or a request for final confirmation to decrease no-show cases. 

✔ Document Submission

A bot can streamline document collection by allowing submission during conversation and export it to the client’s profile in your CRM instantly while notifying a responsible agent.

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