Chatbot for Education: From Administration to Learning

Personalize marketing, capture leads, automate student support, streamline administrative processes and digitalize learning experiences. Without coding.

No Credit Card required

No Coding required

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Why Leverage Chatbot for Educational Institutions

Chatbot for educational institutions can help out on three fronts: marketing, administration, and learning. A bot can seamlessly personalize marketing to students, teachers, and advisors, streamline administrative processes such as matriculation and help to digitalize learning experiences. All that thanks to features only a chatbot can offer:

education chatbot - increased engagement

Increased Engagement

Online chatting and messaging are part of our daily habits. Allowing students and teachers access services in this manner increases engagement through convenience and familiarity.

education chatbot - interactive learning

Interactive Learning

Digitalization of learning experiences is not a new concept but educational chatbots take it to a whole new level allowing rich interactions and learning in & outside of the classroom, 24/7.

education chatbot - educational capabilities

Educational Omni-Capabilities

Chatbot for educational institutions can assist prospective & existing students as well as your staff anywhere and anytime, whether it's on web, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

education chatbot - integration powers

Integration Powers

Integrate a student chatbot with your listings database, CRM and more to automate data collection and communication across students in a highly effective and engaging way.

education chatbot - student bot support

Student Bot Support

School, college or university chatbots can improve the quality of your administration and services. They curate answers on demand resolving issues fast and in a way that feels natural.

education chatbot - personalized marketing

Personalized Marketing

Conquer the competitive educational sector with personalized bot marketing campaigns. Tailor conversational flows to students (& their interests), parents or advisors. 

Integrations That Will Make Your Chatbot for Education Sector Bulletproof

Integrations help turn chatbots into a powerful communication and data collection tools.

Landbot equips your education bot with means to gather, update and retrieve student and course data as well fulfill key actions such as

Google Analytics

Chatbots for Education: Top Use Cases

As mentioned, a chatbot for the education sector can be leveraged across different aspects that make the life of education institutions. Educational chatbots, whether you use them in higher education or a small learning center, can help out your marketing efforts, administrative processes as well as teaching and learning techniques. Here are a few inspiring use cases:  

✔ Application Process, Registration & Enrollment

Ease up the pressure during peak times allowing students to handle key processes such as an application or document submission and update demands via an intelligent chatbot.

✔ 24/7 Support Anywhere

Provide instantaneous administrative support 24/7 to your staff and students. Leverage your bot to answer student FAQs and provide key information and assistance on the web or mobile.

✔ Educational Marketing

Chatbots are powerful educational marketing tools that can be used to provide news & information on courses, campus and student life on demand in a fun and interactive way.

✔ Announcements & Notifications

Messaging app chatbots can efficiently distribute important announcements through channels students use on a daily basis and can request additional info from the bot just by replying.

✔ Classroom Assistant

Design a classroom bot to keep students up to date with course work, share learning materials, launch daily learning challenges and quizzes and offer general learning support when needed.

✔ Staff Assistance

Conversational artificial intelligence can be also beneficial in onboarding new employees or providing technical or HR support to our employees 24/7 easing the pressure on live support. 

✔ Collect Student Feedback

Instead of handing out sheets of paper, let students submit course, faculty or institution feedback via a friendly bot which can react in real-time to serious complaints.