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Set up integrations, automate data collection & analytics, arrange for human takeover, enable in-bot payments, send notifications… all that without writing a single line of code!



Four Formats. Countless Possibilities.

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Get Personal with Conditional Logic

Hyper-personalize your final user experience based on the variations in visitor responses. Use a set of conditions to treat each prospect or customer as an individual without giving up the sweet benefits of automation.


Streamline Live Chat with Human Takeover

Leverage our Human Takeover feature to focus your attention on the most promising leads & most complex customer queries. Let your bot assess the importance and allow a smooth human agent takeover when relevant.


Make It Your Own

Take advantage of our fun design templates or go rogue with unique CSS makeover. Play with shapes & colors, dynamic backgrounds, and avatars. It’s never been easier to make your bot the one and only with your new chatbot builder!



Measure Success with Ease

Follow users through their conversational journey, collect user data & asses the strengths and weaknesses of your dialogue flow. Do so from the comfort of your chatbot builder or send the data to the tools you already use.


Put Your Creation to Test

Before releasing your creation into the virtual wilderness, ensure that your dialogue flow runs smoothly and all integrations work as designed. Landbot staggeringly easy-to-use testing features make it easy as 🥧!


API & Webhooks

Though no-code features are the highlight of Landbot builder, we didn’t forget about those who love to tinker! Our builder is a limitless playground for developers, open to any API integrations and workarounds you can imagine.


Messenger API

Leverage the official Facebook Messenger integration and let your bot chat up leads/customers directly on Messenger.

whatsapp logo

WhatsApp API

Qualify for the official WhatsApp API and use your bot to chat with prospects/customers directly on WhatsApp.


Take Your Chatbot To A Whole New Level

stripe logo

Instant payments

Turn shopping into a natural extension of conversation with the easy-to-set-up Stripe integration. Save your clients time and hassle by generating and processing payments straight from Landbot!

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The Power of Spreadsheets

Lanbot’s Google Sheet integration enables you to connect your bot with any of your Google Sheets and perform complex actions without a single line of code. Creating data sheets has never been simpler.

slack logo

Keep Up with Your Leads

Is your team using Slack? Then keep going! Our no-code Slack integration lets you send notifications to your Slack channels so you and your team can keep up with your leads!

zapier logo

Thousands of Integrations

Leverage Zapier connections to automate actions between your bot and a wide variety of web apps. Whether you are using Trello, Autopilot, HubSpot or Evernote your bot can keep up with the crowd!

mailchimp logo

Grow Your Mailing Lists with Ease

With Landbot builder, you are only a few code-free clicks away from enabling MailChimp integration and sending all email addresses shared with your chatbot straight to a designated mailing list.

salesforce logo

May SalesForce Be With You

Is SalesForce the backbone of your customer relationship management? Landbot chatbots let you keep it that way by allowing you to collect and send data directly to SalesForce.


Analyze your Way to Success

With just a few clicks, you can insert your Google Analytics ID straight in the chatbot flow as well as configure Event Action and Event Category for the perfect personalized tracking scheme.

sendgrid logo

Send Notifications from Domain Email

Integrate your email with SendGrid and it’s API Key to send direct notifications from your chatbot to your leads and customers using your domain email address.

And That's Just the Tip of the Iceberg...

We are constantly working to add more!

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