Landbot’s Encyclopedia of
Chatbot Use Cases

Chatbots like conversations are versatile, suitable for any situation where information needs to be exchanged. 

Make the most of your conversational efforts employing bots anywhere from customer journey to employee experience.

Chatbot Use Cases:

Marketing and Sales

Let the conversations start at the beginning of the customer experience.


Of top-performing companies use AI for marketing


Surveyed shoppers used chatbots to research or buy products in 2019


Of consumers feel comfortable using a bot to buy a basic item
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Lead Generation

Replace old online lead generation form with a high-converting conversational assistant that not only collects customer data but personalizes CX on the go. 

Lead Qualification

Leverage the power of interaction and use initial conversations with your leads to qualify them and assess their stage in the customer journey. 

Lead Nurturing

Leverage the power of interaction and use initial conversations with your leads to qualify them and assess their stage in the customer journey. 

Event Signups

Simplify event sign up for people whose info you already have and make in fun and easy for the newcomers with simple conversational integrations.

Bookings & Reservations

Make reservations a question of a few exchanged messages. Use your bot to collect info from natural inputs and translate them into structured data for booking requests. 

Product Finder

Save shoppers time browsing your site and instead, use your bot to pull out relevant products based on customer preferences in an instant.

Product Recommendations

Use chatbots to recommend products in a friendly, non-salesy conversational manner based on previous searches, preference or purchases. 

Product Launch Campaign

Launch your latest product or service in a way consumers will remember. Let a chatbot to entice emotion and engagement with dynamic interaction & personality. 

Transactions & Purchases

Make transactions a natural part of the conversation. Let your customers not only find products with the help of our bot but also complete the purchase. 


Increase your survey response rate by turning long questionnaires into interactive back-and-forth and personalizing question flow based on user answers in real-time.


Give online competitions a fresh feel. Let participants sign up, check up on progress and find out the results of a contest from a designated AI chatbot. 

Landing pages

Did you know the chatbot landing page can triple your conversation rate? Link your marketing campaigns to high-converting pages you can build in minutes.

Content Marketing

Leverage AI bots in spreading your visual and written content materials in a targeted and personalized manner, delivering what matters at the right time. 
Chatbot Use Cases:

Customer Support

Make support immediate and personal regardless of company size.


Of service professionals working with bots reported increased first contact resolution


Bot+Agent handled queries reported the highest customer satisfaction score of 4.4 (out of 5)


Of AI-bot-adoption leaders reported more than a 30% reduction in customer service costs. 
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The Sorting Hat

Leverage artificial intelligence bot to gather initial info about support requests, classify the nature and assess the urgency of customer queries before the bot-to-human handoff.


Train a natural language processing chatbot to respond and resolve all routine frequently asked questions, leaving customer service agents to take care of more complex issues.

How-To Guide

Offering a product or service that requires usage instruction and support? Forget long, dreadfull manuals. Create a 24/7 guide that can provide personalized attention in a heartbeat.

Feedback & Reviews 

Allow customers to submit reviews in a way that feels natural and comfortable. Use a bot to gather feedback on the web, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. 

Refunds & Complaints

Not a good refund system in place? Employ an intelligent service chatbot to assess liability and resolve refund queries promptly, on the spot.


Provide extra-mile on-site services to your clients such as location information, discounts, booking of services such as transport, room service, wake-up call, and more.
Chatbot Use Cases:

Internal Communication

Let your employees experience the same advantages as your customers


Of service organizations use AI bots to provide recommendations and guidance to agents


Recruitment bot use case reported a 64% reduction of cost per applicant and 80% increase in applications 


Decrease in questions and queries handled by HR staff after official HR chatbot deployment
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Automate & improve your company’s recruitment experience with a bot that gathers applicant data, provides key information about the hiring process, schedule interviews, etc.


Empower new employees to learn at their own pace using a smart companion that won’t make them feel self-conscious about asking too many questions. 


Imagine a chatbot that calculates your vacation days, submit vacation requests, pull company policy info, check details of your contract & much more. 

IT Support

Unburden your IT team from routine employee queries but providing them with a first-aid IT support chatbot that can help resolve the majority of common technical issues. 


Don’t want a bot facing customers directly? Build an assistant that supports your customer support team by allowing them to search the support manual more quickly & efficiently.