Builder 3.0: Webhook Integration Update

Fran Conejos
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Illustrator: Jana Pérez
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Webhook is an API integration that allows you to send data from your Landbot to a 3rd-party app or server in real time. Common uses include scoring and verifying email addresses, verifying phone numbers or even processing real-time currency conversions.

Setting up a webhook was possible with the previous version. However, the process was too complicated and required integrating both Webhook (to send information) and Callback (to receive information.


In addition, there was no way to test the integration within the builder. And, the data you wanted to send and receive needed to be typed in manually leaving plenty of space for "innocent" typing errors (see image below).


Webhook Updates

In Builder 3, we redesigned this functionality to be more accessible to users with little or no coding experience.

Both Webhook and Callback are manged withing the Webhook Block. You are able to input the 3rd-party URL as well as define the method you want to do:


Furthermore, instead of just typing out the variables you want to send out, you simply fill out the “Send Params?” section with the parameters you wish to share with the 3rd-party server.


There are two optional fields below the “Send Params” section. These allow you to customize the header and the body of your request. However, these steps are more technical and meant for users with programming experience - it's not essential to modify these section to set up webhook successfully.

Below, you can find the “TEST” button. It enables you to test your setup right there and then using “dummy values.”


After pressing the “TEST” button, the “Test Response” will let you know if the integration has been successful.


If the connection is correct, you can proceed to complete the next step without having to worry about wasting your time.

Review the information from the test response and select which data you want to keep. Again, you are able to select relevant data by filling out a small template. The template pulls the information from the test response; not only can you pick which data to save but also create and format corresponding variables on the spot.


A Complex (but Accessible) Function

Setting up a Webhook remains one of the more complex functions of Landbot app. However, Builder 3 makes it accessible to users outside the programming community (such as marketers).

If you wish to learn more about setting up webhooks in the new builder, visit our knowledge base for a more detailed guide!

Posted on
June 14, 2019
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