Builder 3.0: Send Emails Directly from Landbot App

Daniel Ferrandiz
Marketing Assistant, Landbot
Illustrator: Jana Pérez
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Being able to send an email notification directly from the app among the most demanded features of our users.

Landbot Builder 3 translates this notion to reality.


The new feature "Send an Email" offers two types of action:

  • Send email to your leads: allows you to send an email notification to your customers.  Using the @email variable, it sends the message to the addresses entered during the conversation
  • Send email your team: allows you to set up an email sales or leads notification for you and your team

The Compulsory fields include:

  • SEND TO:  In this field, you need to indicate who you want that receives the notifications. For leads, use the variable @email. For your team, you can use specific email addresses.
  • EMAIL SUBJECT: Every email needs a clear and catchy subject to be taken seriously. Make sure your email is informative. Though, if you want to take it to the next level you can use the variables to personalized (e.g. use @name in the Subject line)
  • EMAIL BODY:  You must add a relevant message to your email. While the email notification will be very simple, the new text editor allows you to make it visually appealing.

Click save and voilà! Your email notification is ready to go!

Posted on
June 15, 2019
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