Introducing The New & Improved Landbot Builder 3.0

Illustrator: Jana Pérez

After months of hard work, it’s finally here… 🥁🥁🥁

The day when the new Landbot builder becomes available to everyone!

Though the new look is certainly something to admire, the changes are far beyond aesthetic. We dug deep into the realms of efficiency and came up with a bot building experience that takes the meaning of user-friendly to a whole new level.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

1. Workspaces: Organize your Dashboard

Great news for those working with an overwhelming amount of bots!


Workspaces present a new structured dashboard that allows you to organize your bots into folders. Hence, from now on you will be able to organize your bots based on the type of project or stage of execution. This feature is particularly aimed for agencies and companies managing multiple projects for various clients at a time.

2. Optimized Builder Interface: Get More Done with Less Clicks

Version 3 of Lanbot builder comes with a new improved interface that:

  • Allows you to edit blocks directly in the glow instead of the sidebar;
  • Minimizes the number of steps necessary to create the next step in your dialogue flow;
  • Enables in-app rich media integration;
  • Visualizes and structures the creation of variables;
  • Introduces DatePicker with customizable date formats;
  • Allows you to write and leave notes and comments along the workflow.

3. Bricks: Build Complex Flows Brick by Brick like Lego

Creating and modifying complex flows can get messy. The new builder allows you to turn parts of workflows into “bricks” which are, essentially, groups of individual blocks reusable in multiple bots.

You can design and save your own bricks or use the pre-designed selection available in the builder.

4. Send an Email to Users: Automatically from the App

The new version provides a “Send an Email” feature that enables you to set up and send automatic email notification from the builder.

You can use them to notify your users or your team, personalizing the body of the email to your needs.

5. Conditions & Variables

Both Conditions and Variable features have been redesigned to be more flexible yet more structured and user-friendly.

You can enjoy:

  • More types of conditions & rules for more specific results
  • A new system of categorizing formatting and creating variables

6. Webhooks: Set Up API Integrations Without Coding

Webhook feature allowed you to send information collected by Landbot to a 3rd party URL, and bring back a response (e.g. for email/phone validation). However, in the old builder, the process was too complex and unprecise for no-coders. In builder 3, the Webhooks feature combines the Webhook and Callback functions as well as allow you to test the integration in the app immediately.

Likewise setting up parameters and variables is more structured and leaves significantly less space for error.

7. Stripe: Implement Dynamic Payments

Stripe integration also underwent a significant makeover.

Not only it looks and feels more organized, it now allows you to introduce dynamic pricing based on pricing variable.

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