How to Create Great Quizzes for Your Quiz Bot in Seconds Using AI Tools

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create quizzes with ai tools

It’s no secret that online quizzes in chat form make a great lead acquisition strategy for businesses.

People love answering multiple-choice questions and when they’re dripped one at a time they become even more alluring.

Now, coming up with quiz questions and multiple choice answers is hard, especially at scale (writer’s block be darned!) But, what if there was a revolutionary way to speed this up so you never again have to stare at a blank screen trying to come up with ideas?

Meet AI writing assistants. Using AI tools, you can create great questions and multiple-choice answers for your quiz bot in seconds.

Need to see it to believe it?

In this article, I'll show you how to use AI writing assistant tools to create quiz bot questions and answers at the push of a button.

What Is a Quiz Bot?

A quiz bot is a tool that allows you to restructure a standard form-based quiz into a conversational flow.

To a lead, it feels like they’re messaging with a live rep who’s asking them interesting questions to learn more about their needs — a low-pressure approach people prefer over filling out forms or jumping on a phone call.

With Landbot, you can create quiz bots anywhere on your website or inside WhatsApp.

What Are the Benefits of Using AI to Create Quiz Bot Questions and Answers?

There are several benefits to using AI to create quiz bot content.

Firstly, it's straight forward. You can create full questionnaires with multiple-choice answers for your quiz bot in seconds. This saves you a lot of time and effort, especially when you need to create a lot of quizzes.

Secondly, AI is fantastic for ideation and mocking up creative copy. The output is virtually endless, since you can generate as many questions and answers as needed for your projects without ever running out of content ideas.

Finally, and as an extension of the point above, AI tools produce original text by design without ever duplicating or plagiarizing existing content. 

How to Use AI Tools to Create Great Quiz Bot Content

The best way to illustrate the power of AI to fast-track the development and implementation of your quiz bot is through an example.

Let's say we want to create a quiz bot to run on the website of a home renovation business. The goal of the quiz is to entice a visitor to become a lead and book a free consultation with a reno advisor.

So, the idea is to build up a bunch of leading questions and multiple-choice answers that we can then choose from to develop our quiz flow.

To get started, let’s pick one of the leading AI tools on the market (I’ll be using Jasper) and give it some basic instructions.

The first thing we need to do is to provide a description of the type of content we want to generate. For this example I’m going to supply the following instructions:

Create a quiz about home decor to be used for lead generation

Then, we need to suggest a tone of voice (AI systems are trained to write in different styles):

Helpful and fun

Next, we need to type our main keyword:

home decor

And finally, we need to execute a command to get things going:

>write quiz questions starting with "what" (phrased in the second person)

Great, let’s give the AI a spin and see what we get:

how to create quiz questions with ai tools

As expected, we got a whole bunch of great questions to choose from, all generated as if they’ve been put together by a human writer.

Now, not all questions may work out for our quiz flow, but many will (plus, we can always get additional questions by hitting the Compose button again.)

For this example, I’ve chosen the following sequence of five questions for our quiz:

  1. What is your home decor style?
  2. Where should you start when redecorating your home?
  3. What should you do before starting a home decor project?
  4. How do you choose the right colors for your home decor?
  5. Should you hire a professional or do it yourself when decorating your home?

Pro Tip

To entice the AI to come up with different types of quiz questions, you can replace the “what” in our command with other action verb choices, such as:

  • “which”
  • “how do you”
  • “can you”
  • “who”
  • “what kind”
  • “what type”

And so on, depending on the nature of your quiz.

Now, let's move on to the creation of multiple-choice answers for each one of these five questions.

Question 1

What is your home decor style?

For this purpose we’ll make use of the Poll Questions and Multiple Choice Answers AI template in Jasper.

The required inputs are the question text followed by some basic instructions (shown in brackets):

Topic: What is your home decor style (provide multiple choice answers)

Audience: home owners

Tone of voice: Helpful

And the results are…

create quiz questions using ai tools

Awesome. Now we have some multiple choice we can use as is, or as inspiration for our own answers.

Question 2

Where should you start when redecorating your home?

Here are the inputs:

Topic: Where should you start when redecorating your home? (10 answers)

Audience: home owners

Tone of voice: Helpful

And the results are…

use AI tool to make quiz questions

Great! Now, we didn’t quite get ten answers, but if we want more all we have to do is to hit the Generate button again.

So far so good. Let’s move on to the next question:

Question 3

What should you do before starting a home decor project?

Here are the inputs:

Topic: What should you do before starting a home decor project? (10 answers)

Audience: home owners

Tone of voice: Helpful

And the results now are…

how to use ai tools to create quiz answers

Perfect. Once again, if you don't like any of these answers you can easily generate additional ones.

Question 4

How do you choose the right colors for your home decor?

Here are the inputs:

Topic: How do you choose the right colors for your home décor?

Audience: home owners

Tone of voice: Helpful

And the possible answers are…

how to create quizzes using ai tools

Cool. We’re almost at the finish line!

Question 5

Should you hire a professional or do it yourself when decorating your home?

Since this is a close-ended question leading to our call to action (booking a free consultation), we don’t need to use AI here.

A “yes” answer will lead to a name/email/phone number lead capture form followed by an appointment scheduling screen.

A “no” answer will lead to an alternate call to action, perhaps offering a DIY training package, a resource page or another endpoint.

To recap, all of the above took between 5-10 minutes from beginning to end, including the time required to come up with the AI inputs. Think about the time you would save if you had to create multiple quizzes!

Tips for Creating Great Multiple-Choice Answers Using AI

Now, like all new technologies there are pluses and minuses, so let’s cover some tips to help you get the most out of AI writing tools:

1. Make Sure Your Answers are Accurate

One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating multiple-choice answers is accuracy. To make sure your quiz bot always gives the correct answer, make sure to fact check the answers provided by the AI assistant.

Don’t trust AI content at face value because these tools are known for occasionally generating inaccurate answers, especially in niches that are highly technical.

AI tools are great at writing like humans, but they don’t possess any subject-matter expertise — so make sure you do. In other words, never use AI to create a quiz in an area you have little knowledge of.

2. Keep Your Answers Brief and Concise

When creating multiple-choice answers, try to keep them brief and concise. This makes them easier to read and understand, and it also helps to ensure that the quiz bot can physically fit the answer within the limited real estate of a chat box without a lot of text wrapping.

3. Use a Variety of Different Answer Types

Try to use a variety of different answer types so the answers don’t look repetitive. Here’s a bad multiple-choice example:

  • I pick colors that match my personality
  • I pick colors that match my furniture
  • I pick colors that match the season
  • I pick colors that match my walls
  • I pick colors that match my flooring
  • I pick colors that match my curtains/blinds

Make your quiz bot's responses varied and interesting for users. If the AI generates repetitive answers (and sometimes it may) just keep generating new sets until you get the desired effect.

4. Check Your Answers for Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

It's important to check your multiple-choice answers for grammar and spelling mistakes before you publish them. This will help to ensure that they are error-free and easy to understand.

Now, AI writing tools are for the most part error free, but not always. Fortunately, the leading tools on the market have built-in spellcheck and grammar checking features. Also, you can always make use of a tool like Grammarly to get squeaky-clean text.

5. Fact-Check Data and Figures Generated by AI

Never trust data and numbers generated by AI. Although most of the time they’ll be accurate, many times the tool will just make stuff up in order to fit the narrative.

So, make sure to always fact-check AI generated data and figures (especially, names of people and places, dates, formulas, etc.)

Final Thoughts

Creating interesting quiz bot questions and multiple-choice answers from scratch can be a daunting task, especially when you need to create them at scale for multiple web pages, apps, campaigns, etc.

Fortunately, with AI writing tools you can make the process of ideation a lot faster and smoother.

And with the ability of AI to emulate the output of a human writer, you’ll be able to generate natural-sounding questions and answers in record time that’ll impress both your clients and your boss!

Marcelo Beilin
Digital Marketing Consultant​ & Blogger

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