Builder 3.0: Key UI and UX Updates

Illustrator: Jana Pérez

Builder 3 features an array of updates. Here are a few highlights to help you wrap your mind around the changes!

1. More Blocks in Less Clicks

In Builder 2, creating a new block took quite a few clicks:

Builder 3 makes the process much easier. To create a new block in the flow, simply drag the green arrow and a pop-up menu will appear.

2. Multiple Message Bubbles in One Block

To have your bot say what it needed to say in 2-3 individual bubbles in a row, you needed to do all this:

Good news is, that’s in the past.Builder 3 assassinates this nuisance by allowing you to add additional bubbles, images and even buttons within one block. All you need to do is press SHIFT+ENTER or click the little + icon on the left side. Plus, you can switch between formats (text, media & buttons):

3. Rich Media UI

In the old builder, if you wanted to add a particular gif, you had to download it first and then upload it to the app as an individual block:

Builder 3 allows you to search for Gif within the app:

4. Tag and Manage Multiple Blocks

Answering your demand, builder 3 allows you to tag and manage multiple blocks at once. You can delete, copy and paste them as well as convert them into a brick and reuse it in another bot.

5. Leave Notes to Your Collaborator/Supervisor/Client inside the Flow

Sometimes dialogue flows get too complex, too messy. It’s easy to lose sight of what was done or still needs to be done - especially if more than one person is working on the bot.The new builder enables you to leave notes without affecting the bot’s functionality. You can comment on/explain what you have done or need to do and inform your collaborators or client about your decisions and progress. Each note has a title and an option to add a description or image:

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