Webhook Block

The Webhook block in Landbot enables users to exchange data with external apps and servers, making it a valuable feature for advanced users.

The Webhook block in Landbot allows users to send data collected in a bot to external apps or servers or bring data from outside sources into the bot. It is a feature for advanced users and is fully compatible with channels like WhatsApp, Messenger, API chatbot, and Web Chatbots. The Webhook block can be used to create a contact in Hubspot, one of the most popular CRM tools available, and update the contact information using another Webhook block in the same flow.While every API is different, the process of setting up and testing the Webhook block in Landbot using Postman is a great starting point. Using the example of a simple WhatsApp chatbot that asks for the Name and email and then sends that information to Hubspot, the video tutorial takes the viewer through the steps of creating a contact in Hubspot.

The first step is creating a bot and adding a question name block, followed by a question email block, capturing the information in their respective variables. Next, to create a contact in Hubspot, the Webhook block is added. The video then walks the user through the process of copying the code from Hubspot developer documentation and importing it into Postman, where the URL, Params, Headers, and Body are separated into sections that the user can copy and paste into Landbot.

The video explains how to obtain the unique API key from Hubspot and replace it in Landbot to ensure that the block is configured correctly. The user is then shown how to test the block by adding random test variables.In conclusion, the Webhook block is a powerful tool that allows data to be sent between apps, CRM tools, and other external sources, and Landbot's integration with Postman simplifies the process, allowing advanced users to take full advantage of this feature.

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0:23 What are we Building?

0:57 Steps the Video will Follow

1:32 Building the WhatsApp Chatbot

2:07 Sending Data to CRM via Webhook

6:16 Updating CRM Contact Directly from your Chatbot

9:50 Testing the WhatsApp Chatbot

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Key takeaways

  • What is the Webhook block and how to use it
  • Building a WhatsApp chatbot with it
  • Quick sendind data to CRM
  • What is the Webhook block and how to use it
Building a WhatsApp chatbot with it
Quick sendind data to CRM