Introduction to the Platform Video Guide

Landbot is an all-in-one platform for creating and managing chatbots. It offers tools to monitor performance, manage conversations, and access helpful resources.

In this tutorial video, you will get an in-depth understanding of the Landbot app, its features, and how to efficiently manage your chatbot conversations. The video will start with an introduction to the Home section, where you can check your current plan, and search for help. The left side bar is the main menu that gives access to all the different sections in the app.

It includes the chatbot dashboard, WhatsApp section, antenna icon for Messenger and API chatbots, chat section, metrics section, and integration section. Each section is explained in detail to help you understand how to use them efficiently.

This video also covers account settings, help documentation, subscription page, and affiliate and referral programs. By clicking on your avatar on the lower left side of your screen, you can manage your account settings. The question mark provides access to the help documentation, including free video tutorials in the academy, the Landbot community group, and the blog. The subscription page is where you can find your invoices. Finally, the video ends with information about the affiliate and referral programs, along with the possibility to hire an expert to build your chatbot.

Overall, this tutorial video is a comprehensive guide to help you understand the Landbot app and its features.

00:00 Introduction to the platform00:18 Left sidebar00:53 Lower left sidebar

Key takeaways

  • Understand the Landbot Platform
  • Learn to navigate the menus
  • Understand the Landbot Platform
Learn to navigate the menus