Discover the benefits of using Bricks in your bot builder, from organizing your blocks to creating reusable templates and workarounds.

Welcome to this Landbot tutorial where we will be exploring the functionality of Bricks in our bot builder. If you want to keep your bot builder organized, Bricks are an essential tool that can help you achieve that.In this video, we will cover three main sections. First, we will take a look at what Bricks are and how they work. Then, we will explore the different settings that you can manage within a Brick.

Finally, we will delve into the different Brick workarounds and templates that are available, and how you can reuse them in your bot.Using Bricks is a clean and efficient way of organizing your blocks into bigger groups, allowing you to keep your canvas clean and functional. Bricks work like folders, where you can store different blocks and flows so you can categorize them in a way that makes sense to you.

To ensure Bricks work effectively, it is important to place all the blocks you intend to use between the START and EXIT of the Brick. We will demonstrate two ways of creating a Brick, either by creating an empty Brick from scratch and then adding a series of blocks inside, or by selecting existing blocks in your bot and grouping them into a Brick.

Brick settings are simple to configure. By clicking on the three dots, you can name the Brick and add a description. It is important to choose names wisely, as it can get messy when you have saved a lot of Bricks with the same name.We will also explore Bricks workarounds and templates. Bricks are reusable, which means that you can create a Brick template from a specific Brick and use it in other bots in your account. By typing the name of the Brick, you can import a Brick template into your bot.

There are two types of Brick templates - Local Bricks, which are ones you have created or modified yourself, and Global Bricks, which are available to all Landbot users to use and learn from.By the end of this tutorial, you will have a better understanding of what Bricks are and how they work. You will also be familiar with how to filter Bricks by name and description, and the different workarounds and templates you can re-use in your workspace.

00:00 Intro

00:25 What are Bricks?

01:17 Bricks settings

01:30 Workarounds and templates

02:05 Recap

Key takeaways

  • What are Bricks
  • Understand the different Brick settings
  • Bricks workarounds and templates
  • What are Bricks
Understand the different Brick settings
Bricks workarounds and templates