Airtable Integration Video Tutorial

Learn how to use the Airtable Integration in your chatbots with this tutorial. Create relational databases with a no-code policy and use it in your bot to add or get records.

DISCLAIMER: Airtable has changed their authentication process and no longer uses API keys, you will have to create a token and add scopes. Follow this article that explains how to do it.

Are you looking to create powerful and customizable databases for your chatbots, without any coding? Airtable might just be the tool for you!In this tutorial, we'll show you how to connect your Airtable account to Landbot and use it to add or retrieve records in your chatbot flow.The video is divided into four sections:

First, we'll guide you through the process of connecting your Airtable account to Landbot. Then, we'll explain the different sections of the Airtable block and each action that is available to use in the block. After that, we'll demonstrate how the flow will follow the green path, but also how to handle errors and redirect the flow through the red path if needed.

In the first section, we will teach you how to create an Airtable block in your chatbot flow and connect it to your Airtable account by using the API key. We'll walk you through how to create a new workspace, add fields, and name your table.In the second section, we'll explain the different parts of the Airtable block: Base and Table, Action, and Save Record Values as Variables. In the third section, we'll go through each action available with Airtable in the Airtable block, including how to add a record, get a record, and get multiple records. We'll also show you how to map Landbot values to Airtable fields and use variables to associate information.

Finally, in the fourth section, we'll show you how the flow will follow the green path when everything goes accordingly, and what to do when a field or action is not performed. We'll also explain why the red path is there and how to use it to redirect the flow.

With this tutorial, you'll be able to use Airtable to create custom relational databases that are tailored to your chatbot's needs. Whether you're looking to add records or retrieve data, this video will give you the knowledge and tools to do so easily and effectively.

00:00 Intro

00:29 How to connect Airtable

01:30 Different sections inside the block

01:47 Each action available

04:53 Different paths

05:14 Recap

Key takeaways

  • Set up the Airtable integration in Landbot
  • Airtable block anatomy
  • Set up the Airtable integration in Landbot
Airtable block anatomy