Introducing Teammates: Two Heads are Better Than One

Illustrator: Jana Pérez
landbot teammates

Once again, we are here with a little update.


We are that determined to make your bot making the experience the reason why you wake up in the morning 👀.OK,  maybe not that great, but certainly something close to what you feel when you see this Gif:


Anyway… creating and maintaining a great chatbot is not a simple process. It requires a varied set of skills and super-human attention to detail so, it’s better if you are not all alone to tackle this Herculean task.

Teammates feature allows you to upgrade your account with as many seats for your Landbot account as you need, be it 2 or 20. Thus, each member of your team is able to bring & apply their expertise to the relevant stage of bot development. Working as a team makes the challenges of bot building significantly less burdensome and more efficient.

Teammates: Achieve The Perfect Workflow

Step 1: Marketer defines the essential lead/customer data and the sequence in which it needs to be captured & drafts the decision tree in Landbot builder.

copywriter landbot teammates

Step 2: Copywriter scripts dialogue flow that collects the necessary info as part of a natural conversation using relatable tone & language to maximize CX value.

web designer landbot teammates

Step 3: Designer designs the final look and feel of the conversation to correspond to the brand image and values.

developer landbot teammates

Step 4: Developer takes care of the more complex integrations such as webhooks and backend or frontend workarounds.

customer service landbot teammates

Step 5: Customer service agent takes care of live chat with leads or customers when a human takeover is initiated.

Step 6: Marketer tracks and analyzes the data and conversion to define the points of success and/or friction & shares the results with the team.

The circle starts again with each teammate applying improvements in the necessary areas…

landbot teammates

Still not sure about giving up control?

Well, according to our stats, chatbots with two or more collaborators are likely to have better production time.

Furthermore, on average, they result in 68% more chats and 24% higher conversion rate.