Any inhabitant of the stone jungle at least once dreamed of breathing in the crystal mountain air, enjoying the frosty silence surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks and age-old fir trees.Those who have already made their choice in favor of alpine skiing agree that this type of recreation gives not only the injection of adrenaline into the blood, makes the whole body work intensively, but also raises the body's immunity.After spending a week in the mountains in winter, you can not be afraid of spring SARS epidemics.
But alpine skiing is not only about benefits.There are still some barriers on the way:
The risk of injury is high.It can be reduced by properly selected equipment, skiing on prepared slopes, experience of a skier.
Any sports activities at a professional level negatively affect the body, especially the heart.But this does not threaten amateurs.
And, of course, this sport does not belong to the budget category.To purchase all the necessary equipment and equipment, you will need to pay a significant amount in euros.
Varieties of skiing
Today, the definition of "skiing" is understood as several disciplines, some of which are Olympic:
Downhill - passing a track up to two kilometers long at a time.The speed can be up to 100 km / h.The track must be specially prepared for these speeds.
Slalom - descent along the highway with the passage of the gate, standing every 7-15 meters at a speed of approximately 40 km / h.The track is a half-kilometer zigzag from the top of the slope.
Slalom-giant, in contrast to slalom, is characterized by a longer length and slope of the track.The distance between the gates is also greater - up to 20 meters.Travel speed can reach 70 km / h.
Biathlon is a combination of two disciplines.One of the types of slalom and downhill.
Freeride - off-piste or virgin skiing.The number of freeride fans is growing exponentially.
Freestyle is a discipline that can be compared to figure skating.Skiers perform difficult acrobatic jumps and flips.The difficulty of the jumps is assessed.
Mogul is a kind of freestyle, descent along specially prepared hillocks, with jumps and turns.Mogul slopes are very steep.
Ski enthusiasts start with easy descents on the entry-level pistes, gradually improving their ski management skills.Skiers of the advanced and expert level already easily pass the slalom tracks and do the mogul.