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Why Choose Landbot vs Twilio WhatsApp API for Business?

If you are looking at Twilio or its alternatives in search of the perfect WhatsApp Business API provider, you are most certainly on the right track.

Twilio is making a stellar job of helping developers jump through the intricate loops laid out by WhatsApp.

What Sets Landbot WhatsApp Solution Apart?

Our “WHY?”


We believe conversational technology, like conversing itself, is for everyone

It should feel natural, intuitive, instinctive.

goes above and beyond
for developers

Use Any Programming Language

Easy to Code

goes above and beyond
for humans

Forget About Programming Language​​

chatbot-without-coding-first-message-block-GIF1 (1)

Easy to Use

A piece of cake for any developer.

A piece of cake for you.

With Landbot Everyone Has a Voice

Conversations affect every process and department in the company, so it’s only fair everyone gets a place at the table. Landbot WhatsApp solution provides you with an unlimited number of seats to allow for input from all key contributors be it developers, marketers, sales or customer support reps.

Speed through Simplicity

Landbot WhatsApp solution simplifies and streamlines the easiest as well as the most complicated of setups and integrations. Savvy developers and no-coders alike will appreciate the intuitive drag-n-drop, copy-paste approach that saves hours, days and even weeks of work.

Efficiency through Independence

Managers, marketers, sales reps and customer service agents!
Yes, you!

With Landbot’s no-code set up, all of you have the freedom and capacity to make the needed tweaks and adjustments to the technical and conversational flow without the dreadful back-and-forth with the IT department.

Enjoy the freedom to identify and act on opportunities instantly.

One for All

Landbot WhatsApp solution is, quite simply, one platform for all your conversational marketing efforts. Design, prototype, test, launch and manage all you process under one roof, without coding.

  • Launch WhatsApp Campaigns
  • Manage Conversations
  • Generate Opt-in Snippets
  • Prototype Dialog Flows
  • Run a Network of Chatbots
  • Automate Data Collection & Analisis
  • Synchronize Multiple Messaging Channels

All for One

All of us at Landbot, aim for one goal – your success!

Our door is open, our ears tuned and our minds sharpened for any challenge you throw at us. While our customer support team works to resolve all that seems unsolvable, or customer success team looks for new, creative ways to help you reach your goals ever more efficiently.

We don’t just want you to use Landbot, we want you to use it the best you can.

Complete Control for Perfect Symphony of Experience

Complete Control for Perfect Symphony of Experience

Landbot allows you to maintain end-to-end control of the customer journey, from development to final data analysis.

Sit down in the designated conductor seat and prepare to orchestrate a smooth symphony of experiences that starts with your employees and extends beyond customers all the way to the core of your brand identity.

An end-to-end solution designed for experience, built for success.

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Power up your lead generation with your personal brand new chatbot