Why WhatsApp for Business Shouldn’t Fly Under Your Radar

Since its release in 2018, WhatsApp for Business solution has been revolutionizing the way companies automate their communication processes and engage with their customers. WhatsApp has allowed brands to reach larger audiences more efficiently all the while raising their value in the eyes of their customers. 

1. Messaging is Taking the Lead

Messaging is a historically private channel destined to enable instant communication between friends & families. However, in the past decade, things have taken an unexpected turn.


    • Majority of consumers using a messaging app are already messaging businesses:
  • An overwhelming majority of consumers expect to message businesses with customer queries more often in the future:
  • A substantial number of consumers also expect to make more purchases via messaging in the future:

2. What Makes WhatsApp Different Than Other Messaging Apps?

  • WhatsApp Dominates Local Messaging Market in Over 130 Countries Worldwide
  • whatsapp-statisits-top-messengers-around-the-world
  • WhatsApp Dominates Local Messaging Market in Over 130 Countries Worldwide
    • WhatsApp Users Exchange Over 65 Billion Messages on a Daily Basis

    3. How Can You Leverage WhatsApp in Business?

    • Provide Exceptional Customer Support
    WhatsApp can help you service your customers instantly, wherever they are.
      • OTTO, an eCommerce company, observed a 15% decrease in Average Handle Time for simple customer requests, compared to email.
      • StashAway, a digital wealth management platform, lowered agent wait times for customer replies by 50% and handles 80% more tickets per agent than before.
    • Bring Invoicing & Delivery Updates into 2020
    Send purchase invoices, bill details, shipment details or automated delivery updates or any other kind of reminders (events, tasks, deadlines)
      • ShopClues, an online marketplace, integrated the WhatsApp to improve the way customers receive updates related to their order, resulting in 23% more tracking page visits versus SMS notifications and a 57% increase in new orders per message sen
    • Make Navigation & Discovery Fun
    Design your bot to understand consumer requests to let them explore and navigate through your product offering from their comfort zone.
      • Sefamerve, a fashion eCommerce company, used WhatsApp chatbot to engage with customers more efficiently. The brand experienced a 70X increase in monthly chat sessions and 13% of Sefamerve customers used WhatsApp to search for products and make purchases in the first month of operation.
    • Foster Customer Relationships
    Contact, connect and interact with potential and existing clients in a way that feels natural.
      • PlayKids, a global education platform for children, used WhatsApp to foster relationships and offer better service to customers resulting in a decrease in its number of lapsed subscribers by 90% and a 40% increase in message open rate, compared to email.
    • Be Where Your Customers Are
    Notify and engage with clients where they feel at home.
      • Klook, leading travel booking platform, offered clients an easier way to receive order updates and other information securing a 63% higher opt-in rate for WhatsApp notifications (compared to push notifications from the app) and increasing customer retention rates by 40%.
    • ​Let Leads “Generate Themselves”
    Collect and qualify leads integrating your WhatsApp bot with existing tools.
      • Landbot, a no-code chatbot builder and WhatsApp solution provider, used a click-to-WhatsApp campaign to collect potential leads resulting in a 300% increase in the conversion rate.

    4. What Can You Achieve with Landbot WhatsApp Solution?

    Landbot WhatsApp Solution is an all-in-one no-code service that allows you to control and streamline all your WhatsApp processes from a single platform:

      • Apply for WhatsApp API
      • Submit WhatsApp Message Templates
      • Create Opt-in Snippets
      • Build bots for WhatsApp and Other Channels without Coding
      • Easily Arrange for Human Takeovers
      • Provide Multi-Agent Support
      • Integrate Bots with any Digital Tool on the Market
      • Deploy and Manage WhatsApp Campaigns
      • Manage All Conversations Via Chat Manager