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How Can Landbot Boost Your Marketing Strategy?

Increased Speed of Development

Landbot’s fully visual drag-and-drop interface with a plethora of out-of-the-box features enables you to build flows quickly and efficiently applying your marketing knowledge as you go. No IT middle-man necessary.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

User-Friendly & Instantaneous Data Collection

The conversational nature of bot interactions makes data submission more intuitive, pleasant for the user while allowing for instant partial data collection. There is no need to wait for the data save & export until the end of the “form”.

Easy-to-Optimize Conversion

Substituting forms for Landbot conversations opens doors to in-depth insights that will help you guide and improve conversion. With conversational analytics, you can see which part of the flow is causing friction and optimize it swiftly, even mid-campaign.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Real-Time Lead Scoring

Thanks to features like pre-formatted question types, “Set Variable” block, or Formulas, you can design your chatbots to score prospects based on their answer and preferences in real-time, freeing your team of tedious routine tasks. 

Automatic Personalized Journeys

Leverage the real-time scoring capability to personalize lead journeys on the go with the help of conditional logic. Use the scores or data clusters to create logic jumps that will take the leads down a path appropriate to its sales-readiness. 
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Shorter Time to Response

Add multiple agents to your Landbot account and arrange an instantaneous bot-to-human handoff. Use the scoring and real-time data to prioritize among leads and focus the efforts and attention of your agents on those most likely to convert. 
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Did You Know Over 40% of Landbot Use Cases Focus on Lead Generation and Marketing?

Because it works...


Ablers marketing agency working mainly with the educational sector saw an incredible 98% completion rate after substituting classic questionnaires for interactive chatbot conversations. Read more >>>

Madison agency saw a 38% conversion rate and a number of positive customer experience reports after implementing Landbot on client’s websites.
Read more >>>


And, because it works fast…

“It allowed us to reduce time to value from 4 weeks to 24 hours”

CEO of Kumanu Care reported an immense time to value the reduction of their Dialogflow NLP solutions thanks to out-of-the-box webhooks and API connectors that empowered them to build without coding.

Before discovering Landbot, Abler’s first chatbot development experiences included projects that stretched over 6 months and involved incredibly high costs which hindered their business opportunities.

“Our first Landbot took me around 4 hours to set up”

What Can Chatbots Do for Your Business?

The power of conversational interfaces, be it in the form of website chatbots, conversational landing pages or live chat bubbles, comes from adaptability. 
Single tool, Multiple Applications:

✔ Run Surveys
Instead of bothering people with long boring forms, turn surveys into conversational experiences and watch your response rate soar.
✔ Qualify Leads
Use smart integrations and targeted questions to assess and qualify potential leads without putting a strain on the UX. Move the qualified leads directly to a live chat to convert faster.
✔ Answer FAQs
Don’t let potential customers wander through the abyss of your website. Let your bot answer the most frequently asked questions right on the spot.  
✔ Streamline Customer Support
One of the most attractive chatbot features is their ability to asses the issues and prep the ground for quicker resolution. Provide better service and automate routine processes.
✔ Collect Feedback
Want people to care enough to review your product/service? Make it fun, memorable and most of all personal with conversational chatbot surveys.
✔ Find Products
Use automated conversations as a product finder, a smart filter that brings relevant products to the customer directly in seconds without leaving the conversation.
✔ Book Tickets & Make Reservations
Switch old online forms for human experiences and let customers book tickets, appointments or reservations in the course of a conversation.
✔ Recruitment & Onboarding
Customers are not the only ones in need of a better experience. Automate routine recruitment and onboarding processes quicker resolution and easier management.  

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