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What Makes Landbot such a
Powerful Chatbot Platform?

Landbot allows you to build high-quality chatbots in minutes, without coding. It puts interactive, user-friendly customer experiences at your fingertips.

Drag-and-Drop ‘Blocks and Arrows’ Interface

Landbot chatbot maker offers an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and use, regardless of your technical skills, by creating a conversational flow composed of blocks and arrows that connect them.

Thus, allowing you to design functional bots in minutes using the well-known infallible drag-and-drop mechanism.

Wealth of Out-of-the-Box Features

Access a plethora of simple & complex interactive features that put bot creation on a fast track to success.

Design flows using rich media to give them a human character; question types to make data collection easier; personalize with conditional logic & with frictionless workflows with built-in integrations.

Test Your Chatbot, Build & Share it Instantly

Design, save and preview your work in a web or mobile format with a simple click.

Experience and test the bot from the end-user experience and ensure all integrations and features setup are working correctly and the data is getting captured the way you intended. Once ready, share it with your user base in seconds.

We Make Simple Things Even Simpler

No-code chatbot builder makes bot creation easy, our bricks and templates take it even further!

Pre-built Templates

Streamline your bot creation with pre-build bot templates for any occasion. Discover templates for lead generation, product launch, event registration, job application and more!
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Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Multi-use Custom Bricks

Turn the most used sequences of your dialog flows (e.g. email verification or sign up) into virtual bricks you can reuse in any new bot with a single click. Create your own bricks or use our brick templates!

Design that Comes Easy

Give your bot the look and feel your brand deserves.

Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution

Codeless Formatting

Our available formats - landing page, site embed, pop-up and live chat - quadruple your power for lead generation by allowing you to adapt your bot to any situation and target audience. 

What Can Chatbots Do for Your Business?

The power of conversational interfaces, be it in the form of website chatbots, conversational landing pages or live chat bubbles, comes from adaptability. 
Single tool, Multiple Applications:

Qualify Leads Effectively

Use smart integrations and targeted questions to assess and qualify potential leads without putting a strain on the UX.

Answer FAQs Right Away

Don’t let potential customers wander through the abyss of your website. Let your bot answer FAQs right on the spot.

Streamline Support

Use bots to assess the issues, prep the ground for quicker resolution, provide better service and automate routine processes.

Run Surveys like a Pro

Instead of bothering people with long boring forms, turn surveys into conversational experiences and watch your response rate soar.

Easily Find Products

Turn conversations as a product finder, a smart filter that brings relevant products to the customer directly, in seconds.

Book Tickets & Reservations

Let customers book tickets, appointments or reservations in the course of a conversation, naturally and without friction.

Recruiting & Onboarding

Improve employee experience through recruitment and onboarding process automation that maintains its human touch.

Collect Feedback

Make providing product feedback easy, memorable and most of all personal using conversational chatbot surveys.

Bring All Your Tools Together

Good chatbots communicate with your customers. 
Great chatbots communicate with your customers as well as your entire digital ecosystem.

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Set up action triggers and send direct notifications from Landbot to the most popular internal communication tool on the market. 
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Help your clients drive sales through automated conversations by enabling them to receive and send payments via their chatbots. 
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Use “Send an Email” function to send notifications to your team, client or bot users directly from Landbot without delay. 
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Gather email addresses and instantly send them to any specific mailing list on your clients’ accounts without coding.
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Integrate your chatbots with one of the most sophisticated CRM solutions on the market gathering lead information in real-time.
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Connect chatbots you create with Google Analytics to generate in-depth reports about bot-user behavior for your clients. 
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Automatically collect, update and extract data in real-time during on-going conversations in a format your clients are familiar with.
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Implement Dialogflow to build AI NLP-based chatbots with the advantage of a visual interface typical for rule-based bots
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Integrate Zapier to link your bots to any of the 1000 apps and tools available, personalizing each bot to clients’ preferences. 
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