An escape bot-like game created with Landbot 3 to show you what the new version is capable of.

First, it was Airtable. Then Webflow, Makerpad, and even Landbot. The no-code tools fell hostage to a mysterious AI determined to destroy them all in a few hours. You have been chosen to investigate and prevent the apocalypse before the makers are once again forced to deal with PHP and Flash... Forever!

The technology behind
This whole game experience was built entirely using Landbot's newest version, including features like formulas, multi-question, conditional logic or hidden-fields. Create your free account on Landbot and start building your own no-code flows now.

💪 Fight the AI, save the world!

Psst! We've written an article explaining how we made this game Read it!

Secret reward for Landbot users

To celebrate the Landbot 3.0 launch, we have hidden a special prize within the game for those who make it to the end and complete the first chapter of it. It won’t be easy, of course, but if you solve all the puzzles you’ll be rewarded.

Good luck, adventurer!

Author's WIFE
,,,,If you liked Ready Player One you will love it!
Author's MUM
,,An incredible game built by a handsome little guy
,,No spoiler, but the last scene is sublime!