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Relationships start with conversations.
We take care of them.

Landbot manages and automates conversations on the main messaging channels to help you convert smarter, every time. Design, deploy and analyze your conversational strategies from the same place, sending the information across without a single line of code.

Capture leads on your website

From getting more leads to a better customer support. Whatever you do with messaging, you can do it in Landbot.
Get more leads on Website

Engage with users on WhatsApp

Take advantage of pro-active messaging in the #1 messaging channel using our intuitive campaign manager.
Engage with WhatsApp

Great Customer Experience:
from Exception to Rule

Landbot messaging manager provides you with the tools to create frictionless, engaging and overall memorable customer experiences.
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Get more and better

Engagement leads to better conversion. Our customers average 48%*.

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Provide bot-human support

Get your team collaborating and taking action, seamlessly transferring conversations from bot to human, and back.

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Cover the full customer journey

From visitors to leads, from subscribers to happy customers. Design your full messaging-based user journey.

Flow building that feels like connecting dots

Design powerful automated conversations for WhatsApp, web or Facebook Messenger and integrate them with the tools you already use. Everything happens in real-time, with your users' choices conditioning the journey. Jump into the conversation with them, send their information to your CRM or use their data to customize and trigger campaigns over instant messaging.

From visitor to loyal
with Instant Messaging

With Landbot you can build user journeys that connect your web to your CRM, your team to your WhatsApp account. An conversational form updates a Salesforce lead and gets you a new WhatsApp subscriber. The subscriber receives an appointment reminder from your sales team. You design the flow, the 'code' is on us.



We know what the conversation is about. It's about helping marketers on their way to conversion nirvana. About empowering sales teams so they can be where their future customers are, every time. About making life easier for our support folks.
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