🦠 Covid-19

Together is Better

Mar 20, 2020

Pedro Marques

It’s possibly the first time in history where the expression “all in the same boat” fits almost every single human on the planet and, unprecedently, we’re all rowing it in the same direction. More than ever is fair to say that stopping Covid19 is everybody’s business.

Starting today we’ll be offering:
- 1 year free subscription for non profits
- 6 month free for profit-making

Please note this is for organizations directly helping to fight this pandemic.

This is not a marketing plan. We are trying to do what we believe is the right thing to do. Passivity wasn’t a choice.

Thank you to everyone who is on the front lines right now and remember: Together is Better.

Stay safe and take care of each other.

#stayathome #togetherisbetter

Want to apply? 

📬 Send us an email at covid@landbot.io

Organizations we are partnering with to fight COVID-19

Our plans to deploy chatbots have been brought forward due to the COVID crisis, as we have specific content that we really feel might be well delivered by bots.

We have been in talks with an agency that recommended Landbot. In a fast-moving crisis such as the one we are living in, the more flexible a tool we have available to us, the better we are going to be able to use it.

The first bot we have planned is likely to focus on simple steps for engaging people around things they can do to protect their mental health during the lockdown.

Nick Scott, Head of Digital, Médicos Sin Fronteras / Médicins Sans Frontières Barcelona, Spain.

We didn’t want to use a web form but rather give the user a more personal touch. Since we already had very good experiences with Landbot in other projects, this was our first thought to use in the COVID19 crisis.

We were able to set up, translate and put the service into production extremely quickly and that alone was an advantage. Within a week we’ve already got 500 volunteers who want to help the most vulnerable people in Switzerland in the fight against Coronavirus”

Thomas Imboden, Head of Web Office, Red Cross, Switzerland

We, in the Violet team, would like to spread awareness about the Covid19 to Syrian people in NW of Syria, because the health system of the country is unable to respond to the current situation we’re living in.

Landbot will allow us to provide people with an easy channel of communication and information about the Covid19 crisis. We also hope we can save some people’s lives by helping them know how they can protect themselves.

Yemn Issa, Violet Organization, Syria 

The word 'now' is important. The COVID-19 crisis came on very quickly, and we realized that we needed to rapidly implement an alternative to in-person doctor visits.On the hospital website are two links: one to the Landbot tool and one to a live nurse advice line, and people are choosing the Landbot conversation over a real human nurse 5:1!

With Landbot handling the conversations, this nurse has more time to get back to the front lines of hands-on care and more importantly, by screening patient's symptoms from home we allow those patients to stay safely in quarantine, thus protecting themselves and others.”

Andrew Miller, MD, Skyline Hospital, United States

“We experienced a huge surge in demand for prescription orders when the Irish government started closing businesses mid-March. We needed a solution to handle the increased volume of inquiries while using our existing customer care team and Landbot allows us to collect great data and send it directly to our pharmacy systems for processing and dispatch. 

One great example is giving our patients access to the latest COVID19 Assessment algorithms in the form of a landbot which indicates whether testing is required, reducing the pressure on emergency call centres fielding thousands of phone calls.”

Shane O'Sullivan, Managing Director, Healthwave, Ireland

We decided to try Landbot to get new leads with a relatively new method in our field. Besides this, as all of our people are working from their home now, we are trying to feed their work with profiled leads thus making their job easier, and hopefully more successful. (we need some ease in life, especially now.)

I have a lot of hope to get good results, as at this time we are not aiming for "everyday's profit", but mainly to feel alive and hold some hope. Everybody in the company has this feeling. Honestly this is the real motivation now. Landbot gave us a chance to test a new approach to keep our brains alive

Pietro di Pietro, Digital Marketing Strategist - Zero1, Italy

I can make useful information widely available to people in my country. I see a lot of resources online, but they are not tailored to African countries.

Landbot will make it easy to work with people from different countries to adjust information.”

Kiyani Bamba, Developer, Lambda School, Côte d’Ivoire

It is essential to render the greatest service to the community. Automated personalized attention allows us to inform about the measures to mitigate the COVID-19 crisis.

It’s more important than ever to serve society in a timely, efficient and convincing way. Landbot becomes part of our humanitarian team, that makes all the difference now.

Clemente Hernández Advisor to Senator Fernando Araújo, Republic of Colombia, Colombia

I own a small Tech Startup in Zambia and while it's hard enough to keep afloat when we don’t have  a crisis of this magnitude, it's harder now because our entire business model goes out the window, but it is also a time to stand tall and put our experience into good use. 

The extent of misinformation around the pandemic has to be stopped and providing a legitimate source of information is something within our control and we will help our government and its partners get the lifesaving information to our people at any cost and effort. And Landbot is allowing us to ensure this.

Chilufya Musosha, Director, e-Ngoma Solutions Ltd, Zambia