Chatbots can help you collect tons of information from leads who engage with them.

Information like emails, phone numbers, budgets they are willing to spend, and how they found your business.

But, sifting through every single chat conversation and manually entering that data into a CRM is painful.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet that at scale, it’s impossible.

Unless you are hiring dozens of people to keep up.

And from there, it’s a fool’s errand.

Thankfully, you don’t need to.

With Landbot and Zapier, you can connect your data to automate it and integrate it with your favorite tools.

From email marketing to CRMs to processing online payments, any integration can work well with a chatbot.

Here is how to use marketing automation with Zapier to collect user data and organize it.

Link Your Landbot and Zapier Accounts

Before building your chatbots, you will want to connect your Landbot account to your Zapier account for quick and easy automation building.

If you aren’t familiar with Zapier, it’s a free (but also has paid plans) software that connects your tools to work together for marketing automation.

Meaning you can sync chatbot contacts to your email and run a campaign. Or send that data to a spreadsheet for your accountants.

The options are nearly endless.

To get started, you will need to copy the API token of your Landbot account. You will use this to connect Landbot to Zapier.

This can be found in your account settings tab:

landbot zapier integration

Next, head to Zapier and click on your connected accounts. If you don’t see “Connected Accounts,” be sure to click on the “Integrations” tab first.

zapier integration

Type in “Landbot” in the connected accounts field to bring up the Landbot and Zapier connection.

chatbot zapier integration

This will bring up a new window where you can paste the API token you copied in the first step from your Landbot account settings page:

connect landbot to zapier

Once you hit “Yes, Continue” you will see your Landbot account linked in Zapier:

integrate landbot with zapier

Now you can start integrating directly with over 1,000 other marketing tools and applications!

Landbot currently has multiple built-in integrations right from your chatbot dashboard. But, for a full list of integrations with Zapier, click here.

6 Chatbot and Zapier Integrations to Run For Smooth Automation

With Landbot and Zapier, you have countless options for integrations.

Want to automate your email marketing or add new contact information into your CRM for sales?

You can do that.

Want to connect to Google Analytics to empower your data collection and analysis?

We’ve got you covered.

Here are six of our favorite chatbot automation and integrations to help you convert more leads and turn them into valuable customers.

1. Connect your chatbot to your CRM to automatically add new contacts

When generating leads, adding them to a CRM is critical for lead nurturing.

If you can’t keep track of lead data, their contact information, and key behavioral data on each target, how can you expect to nurture them down the funnel with good content and personalized messaging?

You can’t.

CRMs can help you compile notes on each customer, like:

  • How big their budget is
  • Why they wanted to use your service in the first place
  • Their pain points
  • Marketing messaging that they do and don’t resonate with

All of which are essential for converting leads at the bottom of the funnel.

With Landbot and Zapier, you can connect your chatbot conversations directly with the following CRMs.

HubSpot Chatbot Integration:

Add new CRM contacts (or update existing ones with new information) based on your Landbot conversations. For example, if an existing customer moves further down the funnel, your CRM will update with the newest information.

landbot zapier hubspot integrations

Pipedrive Chatbot Integration:

With Pipedrive integration, every time a new lead contacts you via your chatbot, Zapier will create a new deal on Pipedrive for you.

landbot pipedrive integration

For a full list of integrations with Zapier, click here.

When building a bot on your Landbot dashboard, click to the integrations tab:

landbot zapier integration

The integrations tab will show you the current list of third-party connectivity available for your chatbot. If you don’t see the exact third-party marketing tool that you want to connect with, simply select the Zapier option;

how to integrate zapier into landbot

This will pull up a larger list of integrations to pick from, including popular CRM tools like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and more:

how to integrate zapier into landbot

Alternatively, you can create new automation from Zapier and connect them using the process explained at the start of this article!

2. Automate your email marketing

Chatbots are extremely effective when it comes to generating email contacts for an email list.

Typical approaches with forms only convert a few percent of your visitors.

With chatbots, it’s engaging and enjoyable for customers to interact. In fact, studies show that 69% of people prefer chatbots for fast communication over email.

But, what do you do when you collect their email info?

What’s next?

The best next step is to automate an email marketing campaign that drives value.

The good news is it’s super easy to connect your email marketing software to Landbot.

For example, using Landbot’s lead generation chatbot template, you can engage new leads as they land on your site, asking for their email during the conversation:


From here, you will want to add an email marketing integration, like MailChimp.

how to integrate zapier into landbot

This will connect your chatbot to MailChimp, importing the contact into a new campaign and automatically sending it off when you schedule it to.

Now, new leads on your chatbot can be engaged on multiple platforms automatically.

3. Transfer chatbot data into a spreadsheet

Spreadsheets are a fantastic way to analyze data in a collaborative effort.

If you have a large team that works together on documents, this is the perfect integration for you.

With Landbot, you can input data from chats into a spreadsheet in any format that you would like:

google sheets landbot integration

For instance, if you want to calculate the total value of sales, leads, or engagements, you can create a Google Sheet block on your chatbot.

This can then trigger Google Sheets to add columns or rows with information.

In your chatbot sequence, you can add as many blocks using the integration as you need, allowing you to capture data points for spreadsheets at each step along the way.

Try it for yourself right now:

how to integrate zapier into landbot

If you are currently working in Landbot, you can select the Google Sheet integration and connect your Google account:

how to integrate zapier into landbot

Pro tip: create a new spreadsheet that you want to track the data in before adding it as a block.

Next, you can start to customize the column and row values that you want to export into Google Sheets:

landbot values

This is great for managing your email contacts and leads generated from your chatbot for future importing and exporting at scale.

When these actions are completed in your landbot, you will see the changes reflected immediately in your spreadsheet:

google sheet integration

On top of that, you can tell Landbot to edit specific rows in your new sheet, too:

collect data

Start putting your spreadsheets to work without the tedious nature of manual data entry.

4. Trigger a Google Analytics event

With chatbots for marketing and lead generation, conversion tracking is everything.

Like any other tactic, you can’t fly blind and expect conversions to automatically attribute.

While it’s easier to know if someone converted via chatbot than other formats, you still need analytics and data to view it at scale.

And thankfully, you can. With your chatbot, you can set it up to trigger a specific event in Google Analytics, giving you access to data points like:

  • Conversion rates
  • Total events
  • Active users (live)
  • Many more

Using events, you can create as many as you want to track different aspects of the chatbot process.

track conversations

Want to track first-time chatters as an event? Or free trial conversions? You can do just that.

By creating events at different stages in your chatbot sequence, you can monitor progress, sticking points, and what offers pushed people from a top of the funnel lead to a bottom of the funnel sale.

In your chatbot sequence, for example, you can add a Google Analytics event tag when a user inputs their email address. You can then mark this as a lead conversion event in Analytics.

The options are endless and give you the ability to customize the data you want to see.

For a step-by-step guide on linking Analytics to your Landbot chatbot, click here!

5. Notify your team via Slack of new chatbot leads to follow up with

Chatbots will help you collect leads through conversations even when you aren’t at work.

But sometimes, you will need to jump into chats or follow up with new leads to add a personal, human touch.

With integrations and Slack connectivity, you can alert your team on Slack when new leads come into the pipeline:

automate data collection

With Slack integration, there are countless ways to make the most of it:

  • Alert team members of new leads to follow up with
  • Have team members follow up with leads that aren’t responding to give a more personal touch
  • Create reminders and notes of scheduled meetings with clients and leads

To use the integration, simply select it from the integrations list when building your next chatbot:

slack on landbot

From here, connect Landbot to your Slack account when prompted. Doing so allows you to select the specific Slack network and channel that messages will be posted in:

slack email notficiation

You can even create a brand new channel for lead updates from Landbot to keep them organized.

Now, whenever a new lead converts, you will be notified in Slack and can follow up with them personally, providing excellent customer service and increasing conversion rates.

6. Drive sales in real-time and process them via Stripe integration

Have you ever wanted to drive real-time sales without lifting a finger?

Quite literally putting your sales on autopilot?

With Stripe and Landbot, you can!

More and more people are engaging with chatbots than ever before.

Chatbots produce higher open rates and click-through rates than email marketing, giving you a higher chance of converting leads and closing sales on those leads.

email marketing vs. chatbots

Many consumers are starting to report the desire to buy items and even pay bills using Chatbots, too:

predicted usecases for chatbots

Chatbots can help your customers process payments fast when integrating with Stripe.

You can use it to:

  • Remind existing customers if they have backdated payments
  • Remind existing customers of when their next payment is due and if they want to pay it now
  • Promote and sell products directly from your chatbot engagement

To connect Stripe to your Landbot account, select it from the integrations list on your dashboard:

landbot stripe

From here, click “Stripe Account +” to add your account.

landbot stripe

Upon connecting your account, you can begin customizing the payment details, currency, and description of your charges:

stripe integration

If someone wants to purchase an in-depth ebook guide from you, you can create a stripe payment block on your chatbot just for that.

Simply customize the charge amount and enter the right product description.

As with all integrations, feel free to place them anytime in the chatbot sequence!


Chatbots are powerful lead generation tools that can help you collect loads of key information.

From emails to phone contacts and more, chatbots will do the heavy lifting.

But, how do you get that data to sync with the rest of your martech stack?

By using Zapier to automate it.

Skip the tedious manual data entry and use Zapier with Landbot.

Using both together, you can connect to your CRM to import new contacts and lead information or automate your email marketing campaign.

You can transfer your chatbot data into spreadsheets for analysis or even use it to trigger a Google Analytics event.

Want to notify your sales team of new leads via Slack? No problem.

Use Landbot and Zapier to drive sales in real-time and process the payments with Stripe.

You’ll then see all of that data reflected in your dashboard.

Chatbots are fantastic for collecting information. And Zapier is the perfect compliment for organizing it.

If you have not created your own chatbot, now is the time. Get started by creating your free Landbot account today!

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