Chatbots and conversational marketing are the best ways to engage your website traffic, qualify it, and turn visitors into valuable leads for your business.

Most websites are far too passive when it comes to capitalizing on existing website traffic.

They settle for low conversion rates of just a few percent and attempt to bring in more traffic to their websites.

Instead, why not use chatbots to maximize existing traffic?

Chatbots are one of the most powerful lead generation tools out there. And guess what? People actually enjoy engaging with them whilst your business lowers your cost per lead.

Here is how (and why) to add a chatbot to your WordPress site in just a few minutes, without making use of Artificial Intelligence.

Why Chatbots Need to be in Your Lead Gen Strategy

Chatbots have been in the news for the past few years.

They are thrown around as one of the better ways to engage customers in the modern era.

But, what does the data say?

According to recent SalesForce data, 69% of consumers prefer chatbots as the best way to get answers to simple questions. 62% ranked chatbots as the best for 24 hour service.

This data shows that chatbots are often the most preferred line of communication. And that’s great news for businesses looking to generate traffic, more conversions and more leads.

But, this is also where most people go wrong with chatbots: they expect a chatbot to be the end-all solution that handles every aspect of customer communication.

This is simply flawed.

Chatbots, proven by data, are the best way to get your foot in the door. In plain english, they are the best lead generation tools out there for generating higher conversion rates on your traffic, impacting your products and services.


They (1) provide instant gratification to customers, (2) allow you to ask qualifying questions without using a form, and (3) initiate a relationship in a conversational method.

Why do you need chatbots beyond that? Think about the typical path that a first time visitor takes on your website.

They might first start with a Google search for a broad topic and find your service:

So, they land on your website and either spend the next few minutes looking for information on who, what, why, how, or they bounce due to lack of answers.

The single easiest way to combat this and increase conversions is via chatbots that can engage your traffic the moment they land on your site. This allows you to qualify leads, provide information, and prevent the loss of valuable traffic whilst providing more engaging customer experiences.

Data shows that people don’t like to pick up the phone and dial. They also don’t like to fill out forms, especially on mobile.

Chatbots provide you a way to avoid all of that with a platform that’s friendly with any device. And you save your staff and the customer time on the phone.

Here is an example of a Landbot chatbot in action, qualifying website traffic and leads in seconds:

Chatbots are essential tools in conversational marketing that accomplish similar tasks to forms without the bounce rates and poor conversion rates.

Want to drive bigger conversion rates for your lead generation plan? Start by adding a chatbot to your WordPress site.

Let me show you how.

How to Add a Chatbot to Your WordPress Site in Minutes

Using Landbot, you don’t need to know how to code and build chatbots from scratch using APIs.

In fact, you can use Landbot right away with templates for marketing, like a lead generation chatbot that can qualify your traffic eventually showing your products or services, a survey chatbot to collect customer insights, and almost anything you can think of:

Plus, adding it to your website doesn’t require a full redesign or restructure.

With Landbot, you can pick the style of chatbot you’d like to use, too:

With the full page selection, you can turn a page on your website into a fully conversational experience, just like the homepage:

With the popup selection, your chatbot can work as a popup function to engage visitors after they have browsed for a bit.

The embed selection allows you to embed a chatbot into your blog posts or any page of your site and even customize the dimensions:

One of the most popular functions of chatbots is using them as a live chat software, where they display in the bottom right corner of a website, like Landbot customer WeldLogic:

Ready to add Landbot to your WordPress site? No Artificial Intelligence required.

Let’s get started.

First, head to Landbot and create a free account if you haven’t already. From your dashboard, you will need to create a chatbot before you can add it to your site.

Once the chatbot is functional, you will want to set it live on your WordPress site!

To get started, you can choose from either a template or creating your own:

Once you are done developing your chatbot, head to the “Share” section of your chatbot and select to embed the chatbot on your website:

If you have a website developer, you can opt to email them the instructions on how to add the snippet of code to your WordPress site.

If you don’t have a developer and aren’t sure how to add them, email yourself the instructions for detailed steps.

Otherwise, you can quickly add the snippet of code to the header section of every page on your WordPress site that you want it to show on.

And that’s it! Now you should see your Landbot live on your WordPress site ready to collect leads and increase conversions.

Want to learn how to create your own chatbot (from scratch) for lead generation, surveys, and more? Check out our guides below:


When it comes to lead generation, standard tactics are starting to fail.

Forms produce sub-par results on your traffic.

Fewer and fewer people are willing to browse your entire site to find key information before bouncing, let alone picking up the phone and dialing you for more info.

Conversational marketing is here to stay, and it’s proven time and time again in the latest studies:

People prefer interacting with chatbots and on live-chat platforms to get information from a business.

By adding Landbot to your WordPress website, you can take advantage of this and increase your lead generation conversion rates fast.

If you have not created your own chatbot, now is the time. Get started by creating your free Landbot account today!

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